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Is the New and Improved Domino’s Pizza Any Good?

new dominos pizza

You have no doubt seen the self-mocking commercials in which Domino's Pizza lays out the public's complaints against its product (cardboard crust, ketchup-like sauce, the sweet aroma of a dying company) and swears it has rectified the problem. The company even has a Web site dedicated to thumping its chest about rebuilding Domino's pizza from the crust up.

I don't have any memory of my last Domino's pie (probably 'cause you only order it when drunk?), so I can judge it only by my own standards of good pizza. Now I realize those standards must be recalibrated for take-out pie, especially corporate take-out pie with outlets all over hell and back, but even when grading on a scale, I have to say this: Domino's re-engineered pizza sucks. It probably doesn't suck as hard as it used to, but it still sucks.

Let me count the ways: Crust as soft as sponge cake. The dominant flavor is garlic powder, lots and lots of garlic powder, while the sauce has barely a trace of the herbs and spices mentioned in this documentary. The best thing about this pizza is the sausage, which has a decent spice level. For $15 for a medium, three topping pizza, Domino's should be able to do much better.

One member of our household, however, really liked the new pie:

coltrane pizza

  • Jenna

    I know it's crap pizza, but I grew up eating it, and thus harbor a secret love for it. Which is also how I feel about Papa John's.

  • Hilary

    I hate the new pie!! Believe it or not, while not my first choice, I actually liked the old version. I hate that the new sauce is spicy--Lots of people have allergies, red pepper should not be forced on them. As for the garlic crust, I couldn't even taste it. *sigh*

  • Alicia

    Is that Coltrane in the background??

  • Tom

    It's not the worst pizza but it pales in comparison to Papa Johns

  • The Donkey

    Somehow I have always thought it impossible to make decent pizza in a microwave. That is the fundamental flaw with Domino's. That and the rabid right wing ideology of the founder...I say let him and the right wing clown from Whole Foods be hoisted own their own petards!

  • JB

    I had thought Papa John's was good--but then I discovered you can't order a half-sauce pizza online! You can do any other topping on just half the pizza--except for the sauce. I e-mailed them to complain about this and was told it's a "quality control" issue. WTF?

  • The Akron Assassin

    I just had some a few nights ago. I will not order again.

  • Jan Yeap

    Tried it today with 2 toppings. The crust is still not great, edible no doubt, but still not great.

  • Andrew

    @ Hilary...I'm sorry you're not a fan of the new pizza and I know how too much spice can ruin a pizza. I do some work with Domino's and wanted to let you know that the old recipe is still available. Simply ask for "hearty marinara" sauce next time and they will be more than happy to do it for you. I think you'll find this tastes much more like the classic recipe!

  • GeneM

    Armand's guys - for good take out pizza.

    Why even screw around with these chains when we have such a great local chain here?

    I don't understand.

  • nicole

    - Thin crust doesn't have the herbs and spices anymore, it's baked thicker and has more sauce
    - Regular crust basically has a powder fake-tasting "garlic breadstick" around the outside instead of normal crust. Gets the garlic powder all over the place and stinks up the place for days.

    Not ordering Domino's ever again.

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  • F. Allen Norman Jr.

    As far as I am concerned if it is "baked" on a conveyor-belt oven it is not pizza. Cassanos in Ohio switched to conveyor belts (and chnged Mamma Donisi's recipes) years ago and now their pizza sucks. Pizza has to be baked on a hot solid surface and handled with a peel to ensure the crust is not soggy.

  • Wino

    I know it's still gonna suck, but what is the best delivery chain? You can't compare Domino's and 2Amy's, you should compare Domino's, Ledo's, and Papa John's.

  • Nume Bollery

    I hate it when a company tells you it's improved a good product. It really means we got greedy and want to lower costs. Softer toffees, cheaper ingredients etc. It's just Bullsh

  • Nate

    I loved the old pizza, why on earth would they change a good thing? I understand that business was not where they wanted it to be, but heck, we were, and quite possibly still are, in a recession. They should have rode it out like every one else. This is not good, I probably will never eat pizza again from Dominos, unless they admit it was a mistake and bring back the original pie that made them who they are today.

  • Dominos sucks

    The new pizza is just as bad a s the old one. They obviously just did this as a quick way to make some money. Though by now everyone has figured out this new pizza sucks just as much as the old and sales for it have likely dropped back off to where they were. Face it Domino's sucks! Always has sucked, still sucks, and always will suck.

  • Linda

    I will happily eat any pizza - frozen, PaPa Johns etc... but I have always hated Dominos. The new ads and low price made me give it a try and it was still horrible. My whole family didn't like it and the leftovers are still sitting in the frig two days later. They will probably go in the garbage on Wednesday. They did improve on the sauce but the seasoning they put on the crust smells bad and the toppings were over cooked and dry. The cheese breaks too easily there is no stretch to it like good mozz cheese.

  • It Stinks

    It stinks like sweaty old socks... and that's being kind...

  • Dominosux

    DOMINOS new "improved" pizza makes me wonder what the old garbage was made of?? Didn't they test it on true pizza loving cities ...Chicago (Original Alibi) or Detroit (Buddy's Pizza)?
    Dominos "deep dish" crust is like white bread. Spongy & tasteless. Scarce toppings & spotty cheese covering. I really wanted to be a believer in Dominos, really.
    Instead I feel the advertising campaign was just a way to get a temporary influx of non-Dominos customers in for a one-time waste of their cash.
    I didn't think pizza could get worse than Little Caesars, but now I'm a believer... Domino's has surpassed my worst expectations.

  • Ralph

    I hate dominos and pizza hut. They can't ever find our place ever. Even if we have moved. Papa John's is the best. 15 minute delivery and the stuff actually tastes good.

  • halcyonandon

    Domino's is the worst. They constantly prove that their customers don't matter and instead focus on gimmicks like these to get people to try them again. I hope the go bankrupt and disappear completely. There is absolutely no reason a company this bad should still be in business.

  • John in Missouri

    They are outdoing even themselves in their latest ads when they say they refuse to change anything with the Artisan-style pizzas. That idiot CEO should be replaced by the average Joe who created the parmesan bites in Ohio!

  • Danooch

    The best thing to eat at Domino's is not the pizza, but the Spinach and Feta Stuffed Breadsticks! Awesome!

  • Steve

    Garlic causes cellular damage to dogs in ALL amounts and can cause death in substantial amounts. Why the hell would you feed it to your dog?