Young and Hungry

Super Bowl Party Tips from

I just realized this morning that is the digital generation's Heloise, serving up all kinds of weird and wonderful advice on the gastronomic front. (And if you think Heloise wasn't cool, I highly encourage you to read Ian Frazier's brilliant piece on the advice columnist, "Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody."

Then check out this easy, tasty-looking recipe for nachos, the ultimate football snack.

  • Bert Covey

    When I was a little kid, I used to think Heloise (as in, "Hints from Heloise") rhymed with "Le Joyce"). My parents thought it was cute and never corrected me.

  • Fritz

    We're very pumped about the big game. It is great shoot out. I'll choose the Indianapolis Colts in a close one.

  • Carol55

    Good ideas.. there are more fun ways to celebrate Super Bowl sunday in this article:
    They shared some fun game and decoration ideas.