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Burger King To Start Selling Beer


What's missing from this picture? Beer, of course. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Burger King plans to open "Whopper Bars" in several cities, thereby allowing customers to get some suds with their burgers and fries. The first one will be in Miami Beach, with others to follow in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. But don't get your hopes up: the burgers may be tasty (thanks largely to flavor scientists in white lab jackets), but the beers will not be as flavorful. Whopper Bars will carry only watered-down American pilsners like Bud and Miller. They'll set you back $4.25 for the beer alone, or $7.99 if you get the meal deal including a burger and fries. No plans for special toys with your over-21 meal deal, but the beer will come in a custom-designed aluminum bottle.

Photo by Siqbal used under a Creative Commons license

  • Koozies

    Beer , I love beer . I often dink beer in meal with my family in summer and in all parties with friends.

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