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Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church: Can You Please Open Already?

pizzeria orzo

Of all the pizzerias scheduled to open soon, none gets me more excited than Pizzeria Orso, the planned project between former 2Amys pie-maker Edan MacQuaid and the owners of 2941.

The problem is, I don't know how much longer I can sustain this excitement. I mean, this pizzeria has been on the boards for nearly two years now, to judge from this thread on Rockwell even got ahold of the floor plans, for crying out loud.

Despite all of this chatter, however, nobody has a definite opening date, or even a tentative one. The best we have is this comment from MacQuaid on the Rockwell board in early December (that's December '09):

Hopefully construction will start soon.

Edan MacQuaid, if you're reading this, can you give us a better idea of the timeline? Is there even financing in place to move this project forward? If not, I need to know. I can't sustain this level of enthusiasm forever.

UPDATE, 3:13: Last week, Northern Virginia magazine's Warren Rojas published a blog item on Pizzeria Orso. It says construction has begun, and the place could open as early as May.

pizzeria orso exterior

The front view of the planned Pizzeria Orso

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    Construction appears to be all but complete. They've even got wood burning in the oven. So when the heck do they open?