Young and Hungry

The Art of Making Homemade Pupusas

We gastronomes love to place value on simply prepared, hand-crafted foods, whether the house-made pasta at a downtown "trattoria" or the breads that pop, warm and crusty, from a local baker's oven.

But how many of us take advantage of one of the best hand-crafted bites in the area — the Salvadoran pupusa? Every day, transplants hand-roll pupusas, whether cheese or pork or loroco, at countless trucks and mom-and-pop restaurants in Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and other jurisdictions. And every day, how often do we eat them or even talk about them?

This weekend, I was transfixed, once again, by watching a woman roll a pupusa at a shop in Wheaton. It looks so simple, but like so many kitchen skills, I bet it takes weeks, maybe months, to perfect.

  • Simon

    because most of them (at least in DC proper) just aren't that good.

  • Helena Himm

    @ Simon... so where do you go for pupusas?

    @ Tim... Thanks for sharing this video, I have some Maseca myself and may experiment this weekend... the chicharron ingredient I am not too clear, I know is pork, but in my country Chicharron means fried pork skin, so i'll do more research before.