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Be the Beerspotter!


No, I'm not retiring from my post as "that lucky bastard who gets paid to drink beer." Please. But all the beer tips I get from you folks on Twitter got me thinking: How do these beers taste? What do you think about them?

So get on that bright blue time-waster and let me know @Beerspotter what you've tried lately and what it was like — and your deepest 140-character thoughts will be shared right here on Y&H!

This week, I'm particularly curious: Anyone had Bud Light Wheat? How's it hold up to Blue Moon? Or Lysol?

  • Dazey2

    I have tried it! I was that loser who ordered it at RFD's. I feel like the main difference between Bud Light and Bud Light Wheat was the label. And the darker tint of color. Other than that, I don't remember anything that specifically stood out to make the Wheat taste significantly different.

  • Lauren

    Bud Light Wheat is really good. I like the fact that you can have the wheat flavor without all of the calories. After a few Blue Moons, they start to weigh you down. I think Bud Light Wheat is a great alternative. Make sure to put an orange in it.

  • revrag’s worst nightmare

    Lauren is an AB plant!!!!

  • D

    It tastes like everything else A-B makes: bland and watered down. Drinking a beer and worrying about calories is like choking down a Triple Whopper and washing it down with a Diet Coke.

  • Josh

    While I haven't tried it yet, sometimes people are drinking just to get tipsy/drunk, so if they enjoy the wheaty flavor (if it's really there) they're going to choose this over Blue Moon's, as those are a bit heavier.

    The ones truly enjoying the taste and complexity of a good beer won't be the ones ordering it.

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