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Goldberg’s New York Bagels Coming to Silver Spring

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The Goldberg's New York Bagels set to open in Silver Spring is not the same Goldberg's New York Bagels that wins all the awards in Baltimore. Well, it kinda is — and kinda isn't.

Allow me to explain.

The Goldberg's in Baltimore — you know, the one that's won best bagel in Charm City numerous times — is owned by Stanley Drebin. The upcoming Goldberg's in Silver Spring is owned by Dan Keleman, who also owns the Goldberg's New York Bagels in Rockville at the Randolph Hills Center.

Confused yet? OK, here's the common denominator: Both bagel men get their frozen dough from the same wholesaler in New Jersey. The dough is apparently based, Keleman tells Y&H this morning, on an Old World bagel recipe.

There's more to the story here, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next week's Young & Hungry column to learn about it. In the meantime, you can read more about Keleman and his new Silver Spring bagel shop after the jump.

Keleman used to be a caterer and butcher in San Jose, Calif., before moving to the Washington area in 2000. "I felt the needs of the kosher butcher business were taken care of here," Keleman says. So he turned to the bagel trade.

Keleman opened the Rockville location of Goldberg's New York Bagels in April 2005. You'll never guess who Keleman's mentor was in the bagel-making business. Yep: Stanley Drebin. They were briefly business partners, in fact.

Five years later, Keleman now is set to open his second Goldberg's New York Bagels, which sounds like good news for the residents of Silver Spring. It's located in the former Kirsten's Cafe at 9328 Georgia Ave., and it will sell bagels by the half dozen and baker's dozen, all of them kettle boiled and baked. The shop will also offer breakfast and lunch options, including egg omelet sandwiches and bagels with a wide variety of schmears and toppings.

 Keleman hopes to open the Silver Spring location by the end of the month. But as he notes, "Some things are not in my power — like permiting and motivating contractors."

Reached by phone in Baltimore, Drebin offered this sentence: "He's testing me." He repeated the sentence about five times. He was referring to Keleman.


  1. Terry in Silver Spring

    “He’s testing me.”

    Uh, oh. Bagelmeister cage match looms on the horizon. Meanwhile, yay for a good bagel place coming to SS.

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    Hello webmaster I like your post

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