Young and Hungry

Let The Good Times Roll: Places Extending Restaurant Week

enzo pic

Get Enzo Fargione's cooking, at discounted prices, through Jan. 24 at Teatro Goldoni.

I know, I know. You've got a million excuses why you haven't been able to do Restaurant Week. Your kid's sick. You've got too much work to do. Your car needs repairs. Your stars are out of alignment.

Well, a number of restaurants are giving you a second chance (and third) to take advantage of the (relative) deals afforded by Restaurant Week. Here's the list to date (please add others in the comments section as you hear of them):

  • Abby

    Which is Teatro? The 22nd or the 24th? This didn't dispel my confusion. It added more!

  • Tim Carman

    The 22nd.

  • Keith B

    PS7's extended their restaurant week till the 23rd as well.

  • sara young

    Restaurant 3 in clarendon is extended until 23rd too