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Y&H Agrees to Get Grilled on Warren Rojas’ Weekly Chat

GWTC promoThere's a valid reason why Y&H has donated his services to Warren Rojas' weekly chat, Grill Warren, over at Northern Virginia magazine: I'm an idiot.

I mean, I must be crazy to subject myself to the grilling of another publication's readers. But there you have it: At 11 a.m. tomorrow, you can hit me with all the questions you've ever wanted to ask and were somehow afraid to post anonymously on the Y&H blog. And I'll be required the answer them with all the honesty of an anonymous reporter and critic.

The reason Rojas invited me to cop a squat on his weekly hot seat is because he just wrapped up a feature in which he polled food critics from across the country to speak out about anonymous dining. Is it important? Is it dead? Is it a joke? The feature isn't yet available online, which tells you something about Rojas' organizing skills, but trust me, it's a killer story. Look for it whenever the hell it appears in print or online.

In the meantime, feel free to send in a question here or just follow along at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

  • Capital Spice


    The article is in the current print edition of Northern Virginia Magazine, but they tend to embargo their most current articles on their website. Just guessing here, but probably to encourage those who are especially eager to read them to buy the print edition.

    Agreed - it's a great read.

    Now...what to ask at 11?