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Food News You Can Use: Cedric Maupillier Edition


Time to play catch-up here late on a Hump Day, which can mean only one thing: another round-up of food-related links. First up is the big news of the new year: the sudden departure of Cedric Maupillier from Central. WaPo's Tom Sietsema broke the news.

Interestingly enough, reported in November that Maupillier's replacement, Arthur Cavaliere, was heading to D.C. Unfortunately, the source couldn't say where exactly he was moving to. The interesting thing to Y&H is Cavaliere's experience at El Vez, the Stephen Starr property that deals in modern Mexican-American food. Could any of that influence wiggle its way into Michel Richard's Americanized French bistro?

In other news:

  • Former Staffer

    Do something about the oysters. I ate there for the first time last week. Delicious. And then two hours later had severe GI distress.

    Tim, in cases of obvious food poisoning, do eaters have a duty to call the management and inform them of their troubles? It was the only place thing I'd eaten all day and was quite obviously food poisoning.

    The burger was great, the oysters tasted great, but my gut (pun internded) is that it was the oysters.