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The Restaurants Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You


Y&H has already listed his 10 favorite new restaurants for 2009. Now it's time to start pondering the possibilities for 2010. Here's a short list of the upcoming restaurants I'm itching to dine in this year.

So what upcoming restaurants are you jonsing for this year?

  • Daniel

    You missed Robert Wiedmaier's "The Mussel Bar by RW" in Bethesda!

  • winenegress

    14th Street as Dealertown for car dealerships? When I grew up here, very different kind of dealers there....

  • Tim Carman

    Winenegress, that was part of my intention with using the name. I figured those in the know, like you, would get it.

    Daniel, it wasn't an omission just a recognition that I'm more excited about these upcoming restaurants. I can already get good mussels from Wiedmaier at Beck.

  • Former Staffer

    We could use a decent restaurant in Silver Spring...can you do some recruiting Tim?

  • Rick Garvin

    Maybe a new brewpub this spring from a brewer with 15 years of local tenure?

    Cheers, Rick

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  • HillRat

    What's the word on the noodle joint opening above the Pug?

  • Tim Carman

    HillRat, my colleague over at the Washington Business Journal, Missy Frederick, has the details: The place is called Toki Underground and it will apparently serve both ramen and Taiwanese dumplings. More from WBJ:

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  • Tim Carman

    Former Staffer,

    There is a new promising pho parlor in Silver Spring, Toan. I haven't been yet, but report back if you get there before I do:

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  • K connor

    What happened to Diamond District Seafood planned for 14th st? It's been "planned" for a long time.

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