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How to Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This post isn't as random as it might seem, as my friend and lead Shithead Jim Shahin will explain later this afternoon with his excellent post on the new olive oil season, which is like....right now.

  • enzo Fargione

    Fernando Pensato is one of the best if not the best extra virgin olive oil producer/maker in Italy
    I had the pleasure and the honor to meet him and his family while I had a restaurant in West Palm Beach Atrium in 2006
    At Atrium I use to serve his olive oil and offered to my guests.
    It is a very well balanced, elegant and very fruity oil that opens up just like a wine as the time passes by..........
    Excellent with breads, salads and to complements grill fish and boiled meats, but also fantastic with raw or grilled vegetables
    Its elegant package and bright orange lable makes it even more appealing for the prospective buyer.
    I still have two bottles at home for special occasions.......Mr Pensato is also a very popular and well respected shoe designer back in Italy
    I would definitely suggest any of you to try and see the difference

  • Lucy

    Locally, there's Olio2go in the Merrifield section of Fairfax. Olio2go carries more Italian extra virgin olive oils that any other retailers. Current offerings include 65 labels. These are from small producers and are top quality. It's an internet business but you can pick up at the office/warehouse. As a local, your UPS ground delivery will arrive the next day! On this snowy weekend, it's a great way to select holiday gifts.

  • donrahi

    Lovely video! How can I get my hands on the new oil? I live in New York City, is there a merchant that gets the new batch at its freshest? Please let me know what you suggest. Cheers and enjoy!

  • LinZi

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