Young and Hungry

Bellevue, Wash. Residents Steamed About Hot Bikini Baristas

The bikini-clad baristas at Knotty Bodies Espresso have really steamed the milk of some residents in Bellevue, Wash., who want to shut the place down for daring to expose the kiddies to G-strings, butt cheeks, and sexy outfits from Victoria's Secret.  (Did they not think of the "stupidity" argument?)

The city council is sympathetic but can't do much until civic ordinances are changed to outlaw the frothing of skim milk in a bikini. The city did manage to plant some trees to camouflage the offensive coffee house and shut down the joint's drive-thru window (which probably cuts down on the number of guys not wearing pants in Bellevue, Wash., while driving).

If you desire, you can read plenty more about last month's showdown over a whole new kind of Adult Beverage.

  • VotersOfNY

    There's nothing wrong with it. They're selling coffee, not sex. If some guy wants to get a peek at a bikini-clad woman giving him coffee, so be it. Maybe his wife will get the benefit of it later in the day.

    These council members ought to get busy with their jobs instead of wasting their time on this stupid stuff. Meeoooww.