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The North Dakota Farmers Union Wants to Get You Laid

agraria napkin

Earlier this year, the North Dakota Farmers Union hired the Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group, the company that manages sister restaurant Founding Farmers, to revitalize its original Agraria property on Washington Harbor.

VSAP took the job quite seriously and spent five months developing a new concept for the "upscale restaurant in a difficult location that had lost its identity." This summer, the formerly  "failing" restaurant emerged with a new name, Agraria Farmers & Fishers, and a new casual concept.

Really casual. Like pizza, pasta, tacos, burgers, and, apparently, customer-hook-ups.

  • Dan Simons

    Dear Tim Carman: I am so glad that you have highlighted our new restaurant, Farmers & Fishers (! Since we launched this totally new restaurant, our guests have been enjoying it, and we've brought some real buzz and activity to what used to be thought of as a summer-only location--now people are coming to Farmers & Fishers all year round, and loving it. The beverage napkins that you highlight are just one of many whimsical and humorous elements that we created, to ensure our guests know that we don't take things to seriously: other than being VERY serious about food and service, a restaurant should be fun, casual, and both Farmers & Fishers, and Founding Farmers (, we strive for those goals. You also might want to look at the signs and art on our walls and in our restrooms, in both restaurants, I think you and your readers will find even more to be entertained by...and to be clear, providing a smile and a memory is our goal. Thanks again for the article!

  • dan riley

    "providing a smile and a memory is our goal..." Is it really? Then make better food, and give it away.

  • Lennon

    Madam's Organ has long had a similarly playful message on the inside of their matchbooks which states, "You may be the love of my life, so I will need your
    Phone Number:"

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  • Jenna

    Maybe this explains why I found the restaurant so confusing when my parents and I went here in September. The decor was super-chic, but the menu and uniforms were very down-home (the waiters were dressed in jeans and plaid shirts, like farmers). It just didn't fit. My parents' fish dishes were pretty good, and I liked my crab cake, but I'm not dying to go back.

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