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Tomorrow Is National Cookie Day, So Get Baking

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The Amy-eos at Dean & DeLuca

Or just visit your favorite bakery instead. Assuming you have one other than Teaism, that is.

Earlier this week, I asked the Y&H Nation, via my twitter account, where they might like to pick up a good cookie for National Cookie Day, which is tomorrow. The vast majority of the responses (OK, three of them) were the same: the salty oat cookie at Teaism, which no doubt explains its appearance on the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame leaderboard. Two folks even mentioned the salty oat at Marvelous Market, but I'm hoping that was just a case of simple confusion over the home of the real thing.

Others offered up more original choices:

Y&H has a few to throw into the mix, too:

OK, y'all, we've no doubt missed a ton of other good cookies out there? Where else should we turn for National Cookie Day?

  • RMJ

    Potbelly's sugar cookie...especially when warm from the oven!

  • jburka

    Doesn't do much good, since the place closed a couple of years ago, but the old Red Sage Market, around the corner from the main Red Sage entrance, had fabulous cookies. Ridiculously large, and not much more expensive than the (also tasty, but not in the same league) potbelly cookies.

    Damn. I miss that market.

  • saf

    The cookie plate at Palena is great.

    I miss Amernick. They made great cookies. (Yes, I know, they are the same cookies.)

  • Jenna

    I'm pretty proud of my recipe for Chocolate Guinness Oreos (inspired by the Amy-eo):

  • slurp

    Does the Pumpkin Whoopie Pie at the U Street Farmer's Market count as a cookie? Nah, it's heaven. See ya in the springtime, dear Whoopie Pie...