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This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Bourbon board 2Well, well, it's clear what kind of crowd we have here at Young & Hungry: the kind that likes to watch Paula Deen take a frozen ham to the schnoz. The video was, far and away, the most popular post this week.

Honestly, I don't know how we live with ourselves.

Here's what you clicked on most during this short Thanksgiving week:

  1. Flying Ham Hits Paula Deen in the Snout
  2. High Time for Low-Brow Beer (*)
  3. Beer-Conscious Adams Morgan Bars Stick It to the Man
  4. How to Brine a Turkey
  5. Former Top Chef Contestant Blais to Open Flip Burger in D.C.

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, a Top 5 item, but we’ve stopped counting it.

  • Richard

    Thank goodness Thanksgiving has come and gone. Why don't Amuuricans eat turkey year round? Sarah Palin must kill and eat one almosy everyday when she isn't killing wolves from her helicopter. Yuck!