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Home Cooking Day on Y&H: Thanksgiving Turkey, Canadian Style

Canada celebrates its own Thanksgiving every year, although best that Y&H can determine, the holiday's origin has as much to do with surviving the Godforsaken Canadian elements as with thanking the gods for whatever bounty that iceberg up north provides.

Regardless, our buds across the border have already celebrated their harvest this year, but that doesn't stop them from sharing this excellent, smoked-meats take on the standard, hum-drum Thanksgiving turkey. This recipe comes from Frédéric Morin, the chef at Joe Beef in Montreal.  I think I'm going to love it, if only for one reason: It includes a side of meat to go with your meat.

Canadians probably call it stuffing.

When the host of the show asks Morin how he came up with the recipe, the chef responds:

"Well, one day I was really drunk..."

God, I love Canadians. And not just because they marinate their turkeys with Coke and Montreal steak seasonings, but also because they serve that bird with a side of pork sausage mixed with smoked "meat" (looks like brisket), soaked Montreal bagel chips, and dill pickles.

"That's about everything Montreal represents," Morin deadpans.

  • xcanuck

    Iceberg, indeed!! We battle with hockey sticks the next time I see you. :=)

    My dad used to tie extra turkey legs to our Thanksgiving turkey so that all the kids could have their own drumstick. The whole thing was covered in layers of bacon because he was too lazy to baste the beast. It was the best part of Thanksgiving dinner!! He didn't know how ahead of the curve he was.

  • Tim Carman

    Why did I know that comment would bring out your inner Donald Brashear, xcanuck?

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