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This Just In: Definitive Evidence on Where Pica Taco Got Its Name


In response to yesterday's admittedly cheap-and-easy post on Pica Taco's name (hey, I blame Loose Lips for any cultural slights caused by this!), Stefanie Gans at Endless Simmer wrote in to explain the true inspiration behind the shop's moniker.

Writes Gans (mostly known as Gansie in local food circles):

Pica is owner Maria Villalta’s slang for the Spanish, picante, hot. When she ate something so hot she could hardly speak, she’d gasp “pica,” while flailing her hands in front of her mouth.

It's kinda cute, right? (And better than dirt!)

Gans also directed me to a piece she wrote for the Express on Pica Taco. Check it out. I know what's on Y&H's to-do list: Order that horchata at Pica Taco.

  • Simon

    Close but not 100%. "Picar" is a verb; pica is the third-person singular conjugation. Me pica! or, Pica! means, It's spicy to me. Picante is the adjective form, but Pica is not a "short form" of picante, it's a different part of speech entirely.

    I thought your theory about the dirt-eating was frigging hilarious, btw, even though there was no way it was correct.

  • J.D. Hammond

    I always thought they were trying to do an end-run around some mini-taco craze I was unaware of. ("They're not just nano-tacos, they're pica-tacos!")

    I would think, "Boy, are they going to be in for some serious disappointment when Femtotaco opens up.")