Young and Hungry

Would You Lick the Scorpion Lollipop?

DSCN1906_optCarrie's younger sister, Molly, just spent three weeks on the Colorado River, rafting through the Grand Canyon. We spent nearly as long watching the computer slide show that Molly compiled from her trip. (Just kidding, Mol! We love ya!)

Because Molly is thoughtful, she made a special trip to the Phoenix airport gift shop to find Carrie and I a small token of her vacation: a pair of scorpion lollipops. Apparently the airport sells them in various flavors. I suspect no one actually eats these things. They're culinary gag gifts.

But because of what I do for a living, I've been deliberating whether I will actually unwrap these babies and suck on them until I get to the protein in the middle. I have to admit, the idea is not appealing. I know people in other cultures don't mind eating scorpions, live ones even.  But in the states, I'm used to a Tootsie Roll center in my lollipop, not a predatory arachnid.

What would you do, dear readers? Lick the scorpion lollipop?

  • carolyn

    What's the difference between the worm in the tequilla lollipops? the bug is sterilized from the alcohol, the lollipop is sweet and savory and the bug has a bit more of a kick!

  • dece foodee

    how many licks does it take to get to the stinger?

  • The Scorpion Equalizer

    I live in Phoenix, but have not seen these at the airport. If I get time, I will have to pick one up let you know how it is.

    I did eat a chocolate covered scorpion at the Arizona State Fair a few weeks ago. There was not really any taste, except for the chocolate. However, the texture I would describe as similar to chewing on a plastic aglet at the end of a shoelace.

  • dirrrrty

    I ate one and got $30. Just sayin.

  • Alan Dixon

    I bought 6 of these in the strawberry flavor. I was going to give them to friends but no one would even take one. I ate one the sucker part is very sweet, the scorpion is very crunchy. After I ate the whole sucker I had to spit oit pieces of the scorpions legs out that got stuck in my teeth. It did have a bad taste just very different.