Young and Hungry

You Want This Burger For Free? Show Some Skin!

burger-joint-pic1All you have to do is show up at any of the three BGR: The Burger Joint locations and show off some body part that's stamped with the BGR logo. (See the logo after the jump for those who want to draw their own.)

The shop will even assist you in the freebie. They have "street teams" at their locations in Bethesda, Old Town, and Dupont to apply the proper stamp. But you better hurry: The free burger is only available from 11 a.m.  to noon today.

And vegetarians, you're included in this, too. The veggie burger is part of the promotion.

Burger Joints are located at:

  • Dupont Circle: 1514 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Alexandria: 106 North Washington St.
  • Bethesda: 4827 Fairmont Ave.

bgr logo

  • monkeyrotica

    This will not end well.

  • young, still hungry

    THIS is why I never try to go to promotional things like this!

    I walked over to BGR Dupont, got in line a little before quarter to, spent over 5 minutes waiting in line, only to be told (along with another large group of people who were even in front of me) that the promotion was being cut off.

    Now I wasted my precious 30 minute lunch to... not get lunch.

    I know, its free - you shouldn't complain. But if they are ending the promo at 11:40, they should advertise that so people don't get dissapointed. Now I have a bad taste in my mouth about that place.

  • Nikki

    Long live the Z-Burger Free Burger DAY!

  • Former Staffer

    I went to the Bethesda BGR yesterday and ordered the Wellington. Sweet potato fries were great. The burger was delicious...

    Until about an hour later when I had intestinal cramping and other symptoms of food poisoning. Maybe it was the mushrooms that my digestive system doesn't always get along with unless cooked well done...but I'll be avoiding the mushrooms the next time I go back for a $15 plate of burger and fries.

  • Dean Gold

    Just a point ... there are virtually no forms of food poising that show up in an hour after eating infected foods that are not of a very severe nature. Most (98%) food born illness shows up 12 to 72 hours to 6 days after your meal.

    Almost 3/4 of food born illness is Campylobacteriosis which has an incubation time of 1-6 days or 2-5 days depending on which source you read. The duration of the illness is typically 24 hours. If you add in Salmonellosis, you have accounted for 98% of all food born illness and its incubation time is 12 to 72 hours.