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Beer Beats Wine in Foodie Competition

Beer vs. Wine | A Brief History from Redtail Media on Vimeo.

It's official: beer is better than wine. Okay, maybe that's going a bit far, but it certainly can hold its own as a food pairing. Just ask the judges of a three-part "Beer vs. Wine" competition that pitted Stone Brewing Company against Napa Valley's Trinchero Family Estates. Leading into last week's third and final challenge, the score was split, beer having taken the first event in 2007; wine the second in 2008. This year, in a ritzy dinner hosted at Rancho Bernardo Inn's El Bizcocho restaurant in San Diego on October 16, beer edged out wine by a single vote. Not the landslide we may have hoped for, but, hey, we'll take it. Stone Brewing's Greg Koch gloats over the victory here.

  • Dean Gold

    I'd take Stone against Trinchero any day. Especially the Arrogant Bastard. But would I say that beer is better then wine with food? What kind of beer? What kind of food? What mood am I in? What temperature is it outside? Am I eating in Muncie Indiana or Montalcino Italy?

    But lets look at the actual competition. It's not like Trinchero Estates is my pick as the epitome of wine. It's not even like Trinchero Estates is even good wine. It is modernist clap trap made from overly manipulated overly ripe grapes just to disguise the real characteristics of the grapes they are made from. This is just gussied up Suttter Home, the folks who brought insipid white zin to the world. Now they make insipid cabernet etc for folk who don't like wine. This is what "wine" is judged against?

    Stone Brewing is a little guy who could. They are growing because the make great product. They had to claw their way for every inch of shelf space they got. Trinchero bought their way into the market based on their Sutter Home fortune. Their wine is ubiquitous

    How about putting up small passionate wineries like Judd's Hill, Iron Horse, Mayacamas against small, passionate breweries like Stone? Or let's put Trinchero against one of Budweiser's fake small brands.

    Just saying that we should be comparing like portions of the industry.

  • Wineguy999

    Bravo to Dean - I agree completely, and can only add the following:

    Beer pairings with food? Duh! Just ask the Belgians and Germans - they've known about it for centuries.

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