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Vote for D.C.’s Hall of Fame Dishes!


A couple of weeks ago, Y&H asked you to nominate the entrees and appetizers and desserts that you felt were worthy of inclusion into a D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. Y'all tore into the assignment like a pack of wolves on a dead carcass.  I received Tweets, personal e-mails, and lots of suggestions via the comments section.

Then for this week's Young & Hungry column, I contacted a few chefs for their input on HOF dishes. All told, between the public and chefs, you nominated more than 100 dishes, with very little overlap. I've narrowed down the list down to the 30 dishes that could represent D.C. well, if elected to the hall.

Now it's your turn. You can vote for three dishes and three dishes only. The top five vote-getters will be part of the inaugural class of the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. You have until Dec. 11 to vote.

Pass the word around!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • MyChefRegina

    I wonder, though -- the problem with putting this up to a vote is that people can only vote on what they've actually tried themselves. Don't you think you'll end up with the best-known, and not necessarily the best?

  • Nikki

    Isn't a food item that is best-known the whole point of a cities signature dish anyway?

  • MyChefRegina

    Well, OK, good point. But in that case, the list seems a bit ... uneven. Maybe I just don't get out enough (I like cooking too much!)

  • Former Staffer

    Give me Jumbo Slice or give me Capitol Lounge's 10 cent wings.

    Real people don't eat at white folks do.

  • Mike from H Street

    I'm a real person...but I'm also white. I also can't stand Jumbo Slice. And I've eaten at Central a few times, but I've eaten at Ben's Chili Bowl and A. Litteri more often.

    "Real" people are a bit harder to pigeonhole than that, Former Staffer. And they probably don't all share your tastes.

    I voted for the dishes that best represent the DC dining scene for me...and only one of them costs more than $10.