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Veg Day on Y&H: A Postscript


The seasonal pumpkin-tapioca dessert at New Kam Fong

From the look of things, y'all have a strong interest in vegetarian food. Yesterday, the Y&H blog had some of its highest traffic numbers ever for a Monday, which, of course, is not why we do these kind of themed days. We do them in the name of dietery balance, the environment, human health, and the animals!

OK, sure, we also do them for the traffic.

Regardless, you seemed to enjoy the change of pace, even on the weekly Y&H newsletter, which yesterday was similarly devoted to veg eats. (You can sign up for the newsletter on the right, if you'd like.) One reader, Caroline, e-mailed to say:

Thank you so much for devoting this week’s newsletter to vegetarian/vegan dining! My boyfriend is a vegan and I am a carnivorous foodie. I almost lost it on Sunday morning when we couldn’t find a vegan pancake mix at Whole Foods. Keep the veg/vegan articles coming and maybe someday I’ll be able to go out on a date with him someplace other than Chipotle!

If you aren't a newsletter subscriber you missed a number of other veg options that Y&H has recently highlighted, like the following:

Rest assured, Y&H will return to this vegetarian topic again soon, regularly even. Perhaps I tease too much about the self-righteousness too often tied to ethical eating, but I'm also aware that it is important — and that our future may even depend on it.

As a small thank you for your continued presence on this blog, I leave you with this sweet sweet from New Kam Fong, a new Chinese eatery at 2400 University Blvd. in Wheaton. I didn't actually order this dessert; the waitress just brought it to us at the end of the meal. If your server doesn't do the same, ask for a small bowl of this seasonal treat, a mix of tiny tapioca balls, coconut, pumpkin, and God knows what else.

It was simple, light, sweet, fresh, and delicious.

  • Muckraker

    Thanks for highlighting veggie menu items at mainstream restaurants in your e-news this week. That is something I would like to see much more of. Even though I am veg, I prefer to go to mainstream restaurants and eat the veg options. (For example, Jaleo is the best restaurant in town for vegetarians, hands-down.) But most reviews forget to mention if there are veg options, or overlook them entirely.

    For example, I once read a review somewhere of Commonwealth stating that it was a "vegetarian's nightmare," or something to that effect, which couldn't be farther from the truth. (Commonwealth has a number of veg selections, and they are helpfully marked on the menu with a "V.") I would recommend that reviewers (who are usually carnivores) make more of an effort to think of what others might want to eat on the menu, and maybe bring along a vegetarian friend or two!

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