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Blogtoberfest: Drinking Girly-Man Beer in Prague

Czech beer

This week for Blogtoberfest, share your beer travel stories. Where have you tippled? What was it like? Blog it, tweet it, share it on Facebook. The Internet’s a wondrous place.

Yesterday I wrote about the Czech Republic’s two kinds of beers: sweet dark lagers and light pilsners. But studying in Prague in college, I learned a more important distinction: girl beer and man beer.

The funny thing is that a lot of Americans new to beer consider “dark beer” bitter, heavy, and therefore manly. These generalizations are of course way off — dark color means more malts, and if anything a sweeter beer. In the Czech Republic, their dark beer is all dark lager, akin to the German schwarzbier, and is indeed sweet. Thus, they consider it “girl beer.”

Really. Studying in Prague in college, I got called out by more than one professional barfly who wanted to know if I was drinking the dark beer because my boyfriend had dumped me, or, say, for certain menstrual reasons. I wanted to explain that even a man could enjoy the molasses maltiness of a Kozel Cerny, but any attempt at speaking Czech was perceived by the barkeep as an order of French fries. Really the solution was simple: order a pilsner and double-fist through the night.

Photo by Török Gábor via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License

  • Andy

    Krusovice (my brand of choice at my local Pan-Central-European-Themed-Bar) is delicious regardless of the gender of the brew. Perhaps your boyfriend dumped you for completely unrelated reasons?

  • xcanuck

    Last year, we went to Oktoberfest in Munich and then spent a few more days in Prague. While we drank a variety of beers in Munich (please don't ask me to remember details), we pretty much stuck to either Budvar or Pilsner Urquell in Prague. The truth is, I like pilsners. A lot. So it wasn't a hardship.

    One comment about Oktoberfest in Munich. While the quantity of beer that is consumed is mind boggling, what amazed us even more was the level of civility. Security guards were genial and light handed. We didn't see a single person barfing, fighting, or acting otherwise anti-social. I couldn't imagine the same atmosphere here.

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