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Save the Black Rooster!

Black Rooster Pub

If you've ever stepped into the Black Rooster at 1919 L Street, NW, you've come as close as you can get to experiencing a townie bar in downtown DC. We mean that in the best possible way. It really is a place where "everybody knows your name," or they soon will if you stop in a few times. Just grab a seat at the bar and count the number of regulars who stroll in for a quick drink and a chat with the bartender. In a city where all too often drinking establishments seem primarily concerned with the number of bodies they can pack in, the Black Rooster is decidedly unhurried, so have no qualms about lingering over your beer.

The Black Rooster has become something of an institution–an independent, family-run place that's been serving beer to thirsty locals since 1970. But if you're curious to give it a try, you should do it soon: word is that it might be forced to close its doors forever on Friday, October 16th. (So far, we've been unable to ascertain the reason why.) An existential threat to a such a beloved bar has predictably led to an emergency effort to save it. Samuel Adams, Flying Dog, Otter Creek, and Magic Hat have come together in an effort to raise awareness about the Black Rooster's situation. And as sad as it is to see the place in trouble, one saving grace is a special event to be held there this Monday at 5pm. Beers will be  a dollar off and reps from the breweries mentioned above will be on hand to discuss their offerings. So, if you're in town on the holiday and looking for a way to kill the afternoon and give life to a local beer gem, please go over and say hello.

  • Sean Diehl

    The reason the Black Rooster will possibly close is that the Peace corps who i believe owns the building wants to kick them out so they can expand their office space. Its great the work the Peace Corps has done around the world, but they are about to put people out of jobs in there own country. Nice way to help the DC economy by putting a business under that pays taxes and works with several charitable organizations.

  • Jody Taylor

    I am the owner of the Black Rooster Pub. In reality, the Peace Corps really has not had anything to do with it. The Peace Corps have been great neighbors to the Black Rooster for over 20 years. The deal was struck between the owner of the building and the GSA who handle all leases for government buildings or contracts. The option was picked up by GSA and, they in turn, will use the option to expand space at Peace Corps. Peace Corps apparently has no say in matter. Peace Corps does not own building. It is privately owned.

  • Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer

    More details from John Kelly at the Post.

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