Young and Hungry

Mobilecraving’s Vids on L.A. Food Trucks: Try Not to Drool with Resentment

The Calbi Korean BBQ truck

These eerie, elegant, silent videos on Los Angeles' food trucks speak volumes about the richness of the city's street snacks — and the dearth of decent offerings we still have in the District. Take a look at the vids after the jump and try not to drool with resentment.

The COOLHAUS Ice Cream truck

The Don Chow taco truck

The Buttermilk truck

Babys Badass Burgers truck

Barbie's Q truck

Bool Korean BBQ taco truck

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    LA sucks in pretty much any facet. I'd rather slit my own throat than live in that hellhole

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    Btw Tim- I like your articles, but instead of quietly complaining about culinary DC, why don't you sit back, relax, and enjoy being here. When I go to other cities I don't complain about their lack of good seafood, middle eastern, vietnamese, indian, and steakhouses.

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