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A Really Early Look at BGR: The Burger Joint on Dupont Circle

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The blueprints for what will become Dupont's best burger joint.

Mark Bucher, founder and co-owner of BGR: The Burger Joint, gave Y&H a walk-through preview of the forthcoming shop in the PNC Bank building on Dupont Circle. A preview may be something of a stretch. The site is still a construction zone.

Still, the construction site offers an interesting snapshot of the changing nature of Dupont Circle. The BGR location was, many decades ago, a residential townhouse. It'll become a burger shop in about three weeks, Bucher promises.

Take a look at the photos after the jump.

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Bucher promises that his third Burger Joint will open in about three weeks.

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The Dupont location will have seating in front and back, near the rear entrance, which is right where the Dupont Circle farmers market is held each Sunday.

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The kitchen will include a few stools from which you can watch the cooks grill your eight-ounce burger.

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The bricks on the right provide clues as to where the stairs used to be in this former townhouse. PNC Bank now occupies the upper floor.

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Whoever used to live here had classic taste in wallpaper.

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The basement will serve as a prep area and as Bucher's office.

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Bucher isn't sure how old the townhouse is, but at one point, it included a coal chute, which has now been filled with cinder blocks.


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