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Jiminy Glick Interviews Ronald McDonald Over Killing Chickens

Jiminy Glick Interviews 'Ronald McDonald' – watch more funny videos

It's apparently PETA day here at City Paper. Over at The Sexist, Amanda Hess is slamming the animal-rights organization for not exploiting women well enough in the name of critters (former CPer Jule Banville's fave word). I think Hess is being ironic, but I'll say this with all the earnestness I can muster: Jiminy Glick's "interview" of Ronald McDonald, part of PETA's McCruelty campaign, is far more effective in getting its anti-cruelty message across than Pam Anderson's runaway rhinos.

Best line from Ronnie (played by comedian Andy Dick): "To hear a chicken's music to my ears."

Sex may bring the pervs to PETA's servers, but comedy will actually make them use another organ, their brain.

A short outtake video from Glick's interview is after the jump.

Bonus footage of Jiminy Glick & 'Ronald McDonald' – watch more funny videos