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Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms Race Gets Absurd

At a certain point, you've got to just call it water.

Not to be outdone by a fellow conglomerate, Anheuser-Busch InBev raised (lowered?) the stakes against MillerCoors' MGD Light 64 with its launch this week of Bud Select 55. The new light beer, which I promise is not a joke, boasts a slender and eponymous 55 calories. But A-B InBev not only bests MillerCoors in cutting calories — they pretty much give you less across the board. Let's see how they stack up. (All servings 12 oz.)

  • Bud Select 55 – 55 calories, 1.9 g carbs, 2.4% abv
  • MGD Light 64 – 64 calories, 2.4 g carbs, 2.8% abv
  • Bud Select – 99 calories, 3.1 g carbs, 4.3% abv
  • skim milk – 129 calories, 17.9 g carbs
  • orange juice – 168 calories, 28.2 g carbs

I include the skim milk and OJ to illustrate that stuff that many people drink every day — and generally think of as healthy, or at least not destructive — positively booms next to these watered down beers.

But the best part of the caloric arms race (for companies, not drinkers) is that they're charging more money and successfully selling a product that is literally watered down. Jokes about coitus in a Native American nautical vessel aside, when all these nutrition stats are lower, it's because there's simply less ingredients in each bottle.

These discussions often bring up price per alcohol comparisons, because price and abv are two quantifiable statistics. The real fleecing going on here is that people pay the same $5 or $6 for a six-pack of these ultralight beers (with sub-3% alcohol levels) as they would for light beer (about 4% abv) or ordinary, somewhat flavorful Bud Heavy (5%). So unless Bud Light is just too rich for the Select 55 or MGD 64 drinker, these people are paying for water at beer prices. Or, put another way, they're paying for a placebo beer that they can drink in higher quantity than ordinary beer to the same effect. They're paying for A-B InBev and M-C to step in and feed them water because they can't just slow down and have one or two less beers in a night.

It occurs to me that you might be wondering what this near-beer tastes like. Actually, I kinda am too, but D.C. is S.O.L.; Select 55 is currently being test marketed in 15 places. Ratebeer's got a few early reviews, though.

In the meantime I'm going to sit back and enjoy the arms race of numbers until A-B and M-C start peddling beer-scented seltzer. I leave you with the similarly absurd Gilette-Schick razor-blade showdown: when Schick upped the ante on the Gilette's Mach 3 with its four-bladed Quattro (extra blade, extra "T"), Gilette sure enough hit back with its five-bladed Fusion 5. Five razor blades on your face sounds ridiculous, right? Well, The Onion totally called it out.


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    Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I'm a craft beer fan and pretty much won't drink Bud anyway (exceptions are made of course, I also don't believe in snobbery, I just mean when I go buy my own beer). On the other its sad that stuff like this and bud light lime are even allowed to be called beer. I mean this is more or less like someone taking vodka, watering it down by 50%, and referring to it as Absolute 30.

    That said, they'll sell a ton and somewhere out there someone is ecstatic they can 'drink beer and still be skinny'. Cue massive eye-roll from everyone reading that.


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    I mean.. there's nowhere left to go. Yes low calories but also low alcohol. It's pretty damn hard to get drunk on light beer already, so I have no idea why anyone would feel the need for this development, but I guess the market research is there to support it. I wonder what we should call this particular horseman of the apocalypse?

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    When I was in Sweden, you could only buy near beer in the grocery store, anything above 4% was sold in the liquor store. Couple this with the fact that a DWI was like committing social suicide is Sweden, I believe InBev is responding to it's euro-roots with this move. It allows you to stand in a bar with a beer in hand, and not get too drunk to drive. I applaud this move and see it as a socially responsible move for a manufacturer of a product with a health issue warning on it's label.

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    Damn!!! That's my expression after taking the first sip of Bud Select 55. It's "Tap Water", no taste no smell of beer. Is it a joke?

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    Living in one of the test markets, I tried one of these with dinner last evening. If you do not live in one of the test markets, you can still get a taste of this new beer by doing the following:

    1. Take a sip of a domestic beer (regular Bud Select works well).

    2. Swish it around in your mouth and then spit it out (no swollowing).

    3. Drink a club soda normally.

    By following those three steps, you will get all of the taste of Bud Select 55, which is really kind of sad when Busch beers non-alcoholic fare has more beer taste than Select 55 does.

    I can't imagine, in todays economy, this going to market.

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    For the calorie conscious... Bud Select 55 is one of the best for alcohol per calorie in beer. Only beat by the beast. But still, for money's sake, probably best to stick to miller light, bud select, or mic ultra amber. Or, for qualities sake, drink one full flavored craft beer and call it a night you drunk.

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    I love all types of beer and take every chance I get to try a new and different beer. This beer along with MGD64 is a good beer. The taste is slightly weaker but it looks, smells and tastes like beer. A good light beer is good sometimes so you can clear your pallet for the next adventure.

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    Those of us who are diabetic are grateful to be able to have a beer that is truly low in carbs. It makes a big difference to us!

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    The 55 calorie, low alcohol beer fits my life style. There is a lot of talk about the price balanced with the amount a alcohol, no arguing if that is what you want don't buy Bud 55. However if you simply prefer beer over soda, wine, or water, but too much alcohol slows you down - drink the 55 and you can still do what you want to do. You can drink 55 at a BBQ and truly not have to worry about driving home. Maybe I am just a lightweight, but if I drink a 6 pack of Fat Tire, I am not leaving the couch, I am done. I can drink a 6 pack of 55 and go play a game of soccer :) I think it is great. The market researches must have had me in mind when they created this beer.

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    May as well drink water with a 1/4 oz of vodka in it.

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    I think this is a great option for people like me that are trying to looooooose weight. I myself, prefer a good strong & smooth homebrew. On the otherhand, with a current goal of sending 45 lbs away and not having a good selection of low cal drinks out there, this is a great option. It gets old toting diet tonic to bars so I can partake. And a second thought is that my hubby embibes in shots so I end up driving home anyway. So less alcohol isn't always a bad thing. But I do agree that the price shouldn't be more. It's kinda like the "organic" pricing. BTW, since june 19.8 lbs gone.

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    I love this Beer! I can now enjoy more than two beers when I drink and feel good still the next day! Yes, I am a "lightweight" as they say. I know my limits of what I can drink without getting drunk and feeling bad the next day. I don't get drink beer to get drunk or get a buzz. I really enjoy the taste. Thank you Budweiser!

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    First taste was a surprise. A light beer with no after taste. Good, refreshing. Good to the last drop. Was looking for a light beer so I could watch calories and carbs. Thank you Budweiser!! Give your brewmaster a raise.

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    The MGD 64 is sitting in my fridge. We call it "Baby beer", not that we'd actually give it to babies, but you get the point. It's pretty much flavored water. However, it is refreshing and only 1 weight watchers point (registered trade mark - whatever).
    Anyway, I like it. I like the fact that my husband is slimmer since it replaced other beers. We'll try the Bud version and do a taste test.

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    I just finished drinking my first select 55. MGD 64 probably has a bit more taste. I'm curious to see how many I have to drink to get a buzz. Personally, I like a heavy beer but my wife is trying to loose baby weight. Whoever thought that healthy and beer would be thought of in the same sentence but here we are. The beer will probably do will. I'm sure we'll be buying it again.

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    Let's all sing together, I Can't Drink...55.

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    What is the salt content?

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    I LOVE IT!!! I have been a Select drinker for some time now and always loved it. The 55 is great, I am NOT drinking to get drunk...I drink because I enjoy the taste, which by the way; 55 has more "taste" then 64 by far; and I have always kidded that I wish they would make a beer flavored water! Well, now I can socialize without getting so drunk!!! Kuddos to you Budweiser! I will buy this product always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Im drinking one now. Tastes like watered down beer. Doesnt taste BAD. Bud to me taste like crap. If this was watered down crap I would say so. It has a decent flavor albeit watered down.

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    Not worth $$$.

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    okay so i dont know if you realized this but your commercial with the aviators sitting on your select 55 beer can copied my idea i have a picture of it and everything so i feel you should stop stealing my ideas or give me a fair share because thats bull.

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    I love the taste, texture and the golden presentation in the clear bottles. as for the carbs 1.9 grams, this is even better than the 2.6 that Michelob offerd per beer. What this spells out to me is about 2.2 more beers at the end of a long day and i can still meet my goal carb diet of less than sisty carbs a day. My only question is how many grams of sugar does one bottle have?

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    The marketing and demand for a lower calorie beer has been increasing and I am not sure that this race is over. I think that the light beer makers have seen the light, light beer that is. Just like all marketing fads this one may pass in it will reset back to the original that have tested true over the years.

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    I really like it - mainly because I like to drink beer and watch a movie. With these, I can drink 4 beers (the entire movie) and only have consumed the alcohol equivalent of 2. I also don't wake up feeling a little hung over from drinking 4 normal beers. Thumbs up!

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    I just polished off a six pack and I must say I like it. It's a great alternative to the high calorie conterparts for those of us that are trying to shead a few pounds. A little 55 and some Seaweed Solution ( and I should be 25 pounds lighter in no time!

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    which one is worth the money the bud select 55 or the mgd 64

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    I am glad that Budweiser has developed this beer.
    Are you aware, however, that there is another compeitor
    that is low in calories and high in flavor : Beck's Light has 64 calories
    per bottle. I think it is much better than Miller Light.

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    I like to drink and not get full . .I like the taste and never drink to get ripped.I have been buying miller 64 and will try bud select 55.

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    I am wondering why people are happy they can have two extra beers (or whatever #) a day with half-strength beer. If you can't handle a resonable amount of normal beer a day and work the next morning-- don't drink if you have to work. Work out= weight loss
    watery beer=lack of self-respect

    Please for the sake of humanity and any respect we may earn from visitng alien life- stop drinking bad watered down overpriced crap!

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    I like the taste of urine.....does that make me insane?

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    People who are health conscious and sociable will love this beer. I love to drink diet soda. Why? because it has zero calories, tastes decent, and is refreshing.

    I ask the same of my beer. If your goal is to get sh*t-hammered in the least amount of time for the least amount of coin, go drink Beast Ice.

    If you want to act like a responsible adult, have some drinks with friends and still be able to hold your composure, then this is a great alternative to light beer. I don't feel like I'm getting "robbed" of anything by paying the same for diet soda as regular, and thus I don't feel that way about low-cal beer.

    I love Select and can't wait to pick up a case of this stuff for the next party (I live in the home test market of A-B, THE ST LOUIS, MO).

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    I dont know why all the yuppies are so happy they can finally go out and have a few more drinks with this beer. It's got half the alcohol of your standard beer, and at least half the taste. Sure I could go to a bar and have a couple more and feel good about my diet, but is it worth the cost of buying another drink to get the same effect one drink? The bar or club is going to charge it the same as any other beer, so why not have 1 really good beer instead of 2-3 awful ones that will result in 3x the price when the tabs closed. If I understand some of these posts correctly, people want to go out and drink more without getting drunk or buzzed and not filling up on calories, but still look cool by having a beer in their hands. So they'll gladly pay for more drinks in order to accomplish this. Budweiser, you have a winner here.

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    I honestly like the idea. I'm excited to cut down my daily calorie intake with this beer, I don't care about the "buzz," I'M A SOCIAL DRINKER!

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    I can't wait to try this beer. I've always drank Bud Light in the past but the pounds were adding up in middle age and middle area. Switched to MGD64 a few months ago and dropped 10 pounds. I no longer woke up with a hangover on the weekends, even after drinking and socializing all night.

    With the DUI limit at .08BAL, if I drank 5 beers in 3 hours with a weight of 130lbs.
    Here are my choices:
    Budweiser - 5.0% (ABV) = 0.13 BAL - Jail
    Bud Light - 4.2%(ABV) = 0.10 BAL - Jail
    Bud Select 55 - 2.4% (ABV) = 0.04 BAL - No Jail

    What would you do if you liked to go out and socialize?
    I'm not a beer sipper, bars don't make money catering to people lightly sipping on beers.

    Every bar in the country should have these types of beers on hand: for those who may want to watch their calories, for those who would like to curtail their alcohol content but still want to enjoy the atmosphere, and those who might be going into a dangerous BAL level - switch them over to these beers or cut them off and show them the door.

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    Several comments about "Hey Im trying to lose weight so this light beer really helps!" I got a silly little idea.... if you wanna lose weight, why don't you just quit drinking beer.

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    There's an impressive lack of spam and a TRULY impressive number of astroturfed positive comments here for a blog post this old.

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    I didn't read all comments here, so if this has already been addressed, I missed it.

    The writer, Orr, brought up how there are less ingredients in 55 than Bud Light or Bud. He then says that people will pay the same for a beer with less ingredients. To set the record straight, all beers in a brewery's line-up have a different amount of ingredients, yet you'll still pay the same amount for their beers with less ingredients than those with the most. This isn't limited to 55 or 64 calorie beers. The fact is, it still takes the same amount of labor and time to make these beers. These beers are still produced using the exact same equipment used for the other beers. The ingredients really don't impact the final price point of the product. With that said, the bottom line is this... if Bud 55 sells, it will continue to be produced.

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    I've tried them both. Not too bad in taste. For those that call this watered down beer, go buy a Bud or MGD and add some tap water to it, literally. It wont really taste at all like these ultra light beers. I for one like the dimmed down calories and alcohol content not because I need to feel trendy and have a full bottle in hand at the local pub at all times but because I find myself always getting a refill when I am empty, which can amount to 8-9 beers on a good night. I used to Stick to the MicroBrews in my younger years but 40 lbs later learned this is not only unhealthy but unattractive. Also tried the Water after every beer routine and still employ that every now and then. The bottom line is if you like the taste and dont want to get beyond buzzed then who cares about all the rest. If you want to dicker about the cost, Hell, beer cost more than most all other beverages, and you shouldnt be wasting your paycheck on it if $20-30 a week kills your personal budget.


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    Its not like anybody is shoving it down your throats. If you don't like it, don't buy it and don't drink it. At least there is an ample selection to pick from. I love blowing my money on so called watered down beer. I think its delicious, refreshing, and my hangover is not as bad on work nights LOL. But you can't complain about selection. Some people like 3 ply TP while others don't mind getting their asses cut from the cheap shit once in a while. I agree that 55 could be cheaper, but then I would just drink more and it would defeat the purpose of low Cal.

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    Give me a NATTY LIGHT!!!

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    For low carb/ low cal, you can't beat it.
    If taste is most important, have a PU. If
    you want a buzz, slam some malt liquors.
    Just don't tell me your beer is the only
    one we need on the planet!

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    Some people, like myself, don't drink beer/alcohol to get drunk. I personally would rather drink for the duration of a 5 hour party and not be drunk, then to be drunk 3 hours into the party and still have to drive home. With this Select 55, I can drink during the work week. I've been drinking it for 3 weeks now and have drastically reduced my "beer calories" and have actually lost 1.5 lbs and I give this beer the credit for that.

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    This has become my beer of choice. I'm trying to lose weight but don't want to give up drinking, otherwise I would be drinking something completely different. I just want to respond to the argument in the article about how I should just drink less beers with more alcohol content. I usually drink 8 of the Select 55 and that gets the job done. I could not possibly achieve the same result by drinking just 4 of a 110 calories beer (which has a higher alcohol content). At least for me, it doesn't work that way. I believe your body adapts and I find that drinking for longer time, even though the alcohol content is less, gives you a nicer feeling.

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    I love Budweiser Select 55! Keep making it!

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    I've been drinking 55 for six months now. Cost wise it's comparable. Bud doesn't charge more for it, they just don't discount it because of a lower alcohol content. So what! Sugar free or fat free foods aren't discounted. If anything, they'e more expensive. I buy mine at Sam's Club. $14.99 for a case of 24 bottles. Not bad. I drink it as part of my weight loss plan and have lost ver 30 pounds so far. I'm a 55er for life!

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    As a mich ultra drinker this bud 55 is the way to go. Lite yet pleasurable to drink.

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    First of all, any of the comments you see on this page that say anything about "I can't get a good buzz" means that these people are young. When you get to be 39 years old like me and have been drinking pretty heavily for 20 years, then you will appreciate beers like MGD 64 and Bud Select 55. My friends and I like to drink for several hours at a time pretty much EVERY night and these new low calorie low alcohol beers are perfect as we can drink as much beer as we want but don't get as drunk or as fat.

    Cheers to Bud and MGD! Hopefully this trend continues into other exciting new flavors / brands.

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    I find both the Miller 64 and Select 55 perfect for drinking instead of sodas during the day working outside or with a meal. If you are drinking to get drunk or get the buzz the old saying is still true "liquior is quicker!". But for those who are not wanting to be the drunk and want a freshing tasting beverage that is NOT so sweet you can't quence your thirst, these fit the bill.

    And, yes, am over 39, 49 and am in fact 59 and don't need hang overs anymore! Life's too short to still be looking for a buzz...I get more done if I stick to these beers. A great compromise.

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    $5 or $6 for a 6-pack? Try $10 minimum

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    Light beer is for wussies and alcoholics. no one else enjoyes it (diabetics get a pass).

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    If you're looking to get plastered without taking out the folding money, this Bud's not for you. For diabetics, chubbies and InBev stockholders it's definitely a home run.

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    How many grams of sugar are in this beer?

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    My wife and I love Bud Select. We think it has great light beer taste and still has the alcohol content of Bud Light but a lot less carbs. We however do not like the taste of Bud Select 55. Hope they continue Select and kill 55.

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    I love 55 because I like to go out and chug beer, but am very conscious of DUI law, which I WILL NOT break. I love to go canoeing and party on the river and chug beer, and still be under the legal limit. On an empty stomach at 175 lbs, I can drink 12 of these in 4 hours and be fine. AND have a blast. Also, this beer is great for being out in the sun, since you are more hydrated...It's better to drink 12 of these than 6 normal beers...more hydration. When I am not driving, I opt for Molson XXX :) and crank up the new Order of the Black CD by Black Label Society...Oh yeah!

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    This beer is flat, like it has no carbonation. It has the taste of a beer that has been open and sat for a day or two. What little flavor it does have is not good. I drank about 5 of them and got no buzz whatsoever. I say about 5 because I dumped the 5th one out after having a couple more sips. If the beer tasted good and I wanted to stay sober then it could serve a purpose. If the beer was low calorie and tasted good then it could serve a purpose. I see no purpose in this beer at all. I would rather drink water and just skip the 55 calories of a crap drink. Why spend my money to put on an extra 55 calories if I can't even say i enjoyed the drink. Forget it. They got my 5 bucks once, but it won't happen again.

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    I drank 12 bottles of Select 55 and got ripped. My wife says it was the 12 shots of Jack D. that I drank along with them that did it.

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    The bud 55 is a great light beer. I've always experience heart burn with all other beer. This one doesn't give me heartburn at all. I'm a light weight also, because I run an average of 3 miles a day per week. I need a beer that'll give a slight buzz and this beer does a good job at 2 beers a night. Usually I have a good buzz after one and after my second, I get lazy. I hate that. This 55 is awesome and I give it two thumbs up. As for the price, I believe I pay for the way the beer is brewed for the taste and it's purpose that fits my lifestyle.

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    For diabetics, and I'm one of them, mic ultra, b55, and mgd64 are making a bad situation more palatible. Plus a 6 pack is only abt $5 where I live.

  60. #60

    I am not a big drinker (few times a year), nor am I thrilled about the peer pressure I get from friends that can drink one regular beer every 30 min. and expect me to keep up. Having a full bottle in hand (which makes me look like I'm keeping up) with way less alcohol suits me just fine. It's not going to bankrupt me, as I don't drink much. And btw, there are bottled waters out there that are 2-2.50 a pop! I enjoyed the taste also, as most beer tastes like battery acid to me. So there is a market for this, it's just small, and when there is a small market - price goes up! It's worth it also to know I'm not going to get drunk fast and don't have to wait that long (1 1/2 hour) to sober up to drive. I agree also about what j hall said about diabetics. You can at least enjoy it a little!

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    I am diabetic, but like beer. it's the carbs i'm concerned about not hte calories. I also would like a comparison of sugar content.

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    Yes it is watered down. My motherrs doctor drinks it each night. And she recommended that if mother wasn't drinking enough water to have two bud select 55's each day to keep her hydrated. i am drinking it down no buzz but the taste is great. Had the flu for two days so it is easier to get down than water.

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    how about 0 calories

  64. #64


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    Just get a case of Budweiser and chase each one down with a glass of water, counting each round as 2, and you have Select 55 at half price and taste preserved. Same goes with MGD.

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    I like the taste of beer, select 55 was a little different to get used to at first but i acquired a taste for it and it is great. I can go out in the garage and work on my cars and enjoy the taste of beer through out the day and not worry about getting intoxicated. Thank you Budweiser

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    It's a great beer. Everyone is not trying to get drunk; some of us just like the taste of cold beer; with hot wings while watching the game; after mowing the lawn. When I was in college, I drank Budweiser and Jack Daniels (not at the same time, usually:-), but now that I'm older and wiser, and understand the negatives of alcohol, I prefer something that taste like beer, but without the negatives, and Bud Select 55 fits this criteria. One thing though, once you start to drink this beer, you very likely won't be able to go back to regular beers, not even light. These beers will seem to "heavy", and you will certainly get intoxicated much faster. Great beer! I hope they don't stop making it...

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    i really like the select 55 beer but it is something that i have trouble getting here in balch springs,i have gone to 3 different stores in 1 day looking for it and had to buy coors,coors is what i used to drink or coronas till i tasted select 55 and i do not care for anything else,but i guess i will have to go back to coors since select 55 is not available at all the stores here in town,mesquite is dry and dallas is 20 miles to go to get beer with the price of gas,guess it is back to coors---thanks

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    Bud Select 55= "The satisfaction of having a beer without the guilt" enough said!

  70. #70

    I love that beer. it tastes real good

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    I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, so I am looking for a good-tasting, low-carb beer. My husband came home with a six pack of Select 55 because they didn't have any Bud Select today at our neighborhood liquor store. It looked like beer and felt like beer in my mouth, but it tasted like club soda. Pointless beverage.

  72. #72

    Just tried my 1st six pack of Bud 55. This is a great tasting beer. Good stuff.

  73. #73

    This is my second visit to this site,and I would like to say thank you for bringing your excellent ideas and time into the stuff you post in your website.

  74. #74

    I love this beer I agree with the others you can still enjoy a cold beer and do what you want to do. I had to call Budweiser and request it to be put back in stores. they were very happy that I called and thanked me for informing them of this problem>Keep the bud 55 coming Miller lite was my beer for many years NO more

  75. #75

    I love beer and this is a great compromise to having a few beers or more and not drinking so many calories.I only buy this beer and i hope lots of people due So it stays on the market...64 was my beer untill they came out with 55 now thats all i drink for beer.. I just wish this beer was caried in more stores i live in a very small farm town and its tough to find it here and it is a bit more expensive then some other beers here....

  76. #76

    I think beer is made to do the job of relaxing the body and not get drunk. Also you should be able to make it through the NASCAR RACE until the last lap or even your Favorite sport.I find the SELECT 55 is a great tool for this job.

  77. #77

    Perfect for my husband who is currently taking blood thinners. He can have his beer and drink it too so to say without being scared of the alcohol content and possibly catch a small buzz. I am very happy this beer hit the market!

  78. #78

    I savored checking out this. I must read more about this subject. I'm appreciating effort and time you put in your blog, considering that it is perfect location where I can discover lot of helpful articles.

  79. #79

    DUH !...I drink it because it helps me keep my alcohol
    intake down..when I want alcohol I don't drink beer, I drink sometimes I'll have one alcoholic
    drink and one select 55 instead of 2 alcoholic drinks..
    So to the Select 55 wife and my liver thank you

  80. #80

    This is a really good beer; as some of the other posters have said, not everyone is looking to get drunk. I love sports, mainly football and basketball, and this goes great with wings and other such foods. I just want the taste of a cold beer. And as a reference point, back in my college days (late 70's) I drank St. Pauli girl and other comparable brands, so I do know the difference. MGD 64 is not bad either, but this beer has a fuller taste, and it's actually darker.

  81. Angelina LaCastro

    I did not read through every comment but I LOVE bud select 55. I think the taste is great. I am one who likes to drink beer but not always get the effects of it. It is great to drink when doing yard work and when its hot ouside. I love beer and drink some everyday. This is exactly why I like the select 55. When I want to feel a buzz,maybe on a weekend, I will drink bud light. But after drinking the 55, the taste is not the same and bud 55, in my opinion, comes out on top!

  82. #82

    Canadians have been joking that Amercian beer is flavoured water. Now they actually are marketing their water as beer. Its bad enough that it made with Rice(look it up) but now they are ripping you off.

  83. #83

    Select 55 is a good beer if you are planning on being at a party all day and be coherent by the end. If you are going to just have a beer or two probably better to just have some water. Another option is to do a couple shots of whiskey and then have some 55 to maintain your warm feeling!

  84. #84

    This is my beer! I wish I could get more stores to carry it!

  85. #85

    I'm getting old. I can't drink like I used to, and I'll bet I could drink most of you under the floor, let alone the tables.

    I still like to get out. Today, I need to take a break. The taste of 64 didn't approach me. 55 is OK ... considering what I want is something to drink that isn't water, or soda, when I go out to socialize.


    Thank you Bud ... for providing me with a product of yours I can drink. I drank Rolling Rock for decades.

  86. #86

    I am a personal trainer and just want to vouch for this great post, you really know your stuff.

  87. #87

    All you naysayers; Get a life, Diabetes is affecting 20% of the US population (Because you are greedy pigs) so don't PLEASE try to prevent diabetics from drinking beer just because you are not fat and diabetic (yet).

  88. #88

    For beer-drinking diabetics like me, 55 and 64 are the only choices.

  89. #89

    The original post was back in 2009... now 2014. I think 55 was ahead of the game in considering that for various reasons having a low calorie, low alcohol beer does have a demand.

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