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Strip Club Food: Not as Nasty as You’d Think

crystal_city_rest_optAs part of yesterday's Sex and the City Paper experiment, Y&H got the privilege of eating in front of naked women. I had lunch at Camelot Show Bar and, at the urging of a certain restaurateur known to date strippers, I ate dinner at the innocuous-sounding Crystal City Restaurant.

My stomach is fine this morning. My conscience is still a little bruised.

You can read about my adventures in strip-club cuisine in four easy installments below. But one final note before you do.

To the guy who smirked at me on the sidewalk as I oozed out of Camelot yesterday, trying to quickly melt back into decent society: I swear to God it was a working lunch!

Hmm, wonder how many dudes have uttered that to a disapproving spouse/girlfriend?

  1. My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Tape Worm Incident
  2. My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Jerk Chicken
  3. My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: A Bit of Vegas in Arlington
  4. My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: The World's Thinnest Strip Steak
  • dan riley

    Royal Palace has a pupu platter to die for.

  • CTR

    You know, you called these silhouettes "mammothly endowed," but while they have some boobage, the mammoth quality is really being created by the arched backs, weirdly jutting butts, and upturned heads. If you turn them horizontally, what they actually look like is women who have been skewered on spits and can be roasted like suckling pigs. (My guess is that would cost at least $10.99 a platter.)

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  • Ev

    Every week or two someone gets drunk enough to suggest we go to Good Guys for their buffet. Wings! Wish you had reviewed that bad boy.