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Tim Carman Selected for Best Food Writing 2009

cover-issue834-lg Washington City Paper food critic Tim Carman's piece "How Not to Hire a Chef" (5/22) has been selected for inclusion in Best Food Writing 2009. It is the second year in a row that Carman's work has been chosen for the anthology.

Carman's piece examines, or maybe more precisely spatchcocks, local restaurateur Andy Shallal's Top Chef-like contest to choose a toque for his new eatery, Eatonville. Reached in line at the drugstore, where he says he was picking up prescriptions to help him "overcome my lack of palate," Carman says that Shallal maintained "radio silence" after the piece. "He sent me an email after the Marion Barry cover saying he should consider himself lucky that it wasn't any worse for him," Carman says.

  • sara.h

    Congrats to Tim!

  • DC foodie


    Love the blog and love the writing. Totally deserved.


  • dan riley


  • TheTim

    Congrats Tim.

  • R. Hobcraft Freeman III

    Tim Carman has a mellifluous way with words, and an epicurean appreciation of vintages and cuisine. We are lucky to have him in our area. Each week I devour his tangy musings and imbibe his succulent insights with relish and brio. Bravo, Mr. Carman. Thanks for serving the gourmet community, with your incisive writing, in a manner that humanizes/enlarges the palate, and celebrates the robust intricacies of one of life's most singular delights!

  • Casey Patten

    Congrats, cannot agree more.

  • Dave Jamieson

    Once again, way to go Carman. Well earned!