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Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Joe’s Noodle House

One by one, we’re running through the 50 restaurants that made the cut on this year’s Young & Hungry Dining Guide. If you have visited the day’s featured restaurant, let us know what you think. If you’re planning to visit for the first time, tell us about your meal when you return.

Of all the local restaurants I have frequented, both as critic and regular ol’ diner, few get me as excited as Joe’s Noodle House in Rockville. Sometimes I get keyed up just thinking about going here. Part of it is the simple thrill of discovery as you work your way through Joe’s long and diverse menu, from the steamed dumplings and boiled peanuts to the double-cooked pork and Szechwan-style beef noodle soup. But part of it is just the pleasure of returning to old favorites, like the golden, green-flecked scallion pancake, the crispiest anywhere, or the soft, almost slurp-worthy cubes of bean curd in the ma-po tofu, which mixes toe-curling heat with the refreshing, pine-needle coolness of Szechwan peppercorns. Besides, where else can you watch employees snap beans in the corner of the dining room?

Joe's Noodle House, 1488-C Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md., (301) 881-5518

Photo courtesy of Joe's Noodle House

  • Tom McClive

    Several of Joe's cooks just got siphoned away by a new establishement, Sichuan Pavilion, so I hope the standards stay just as high, as Joe's is probably my favorite restaurant in the area. Sichuan Pavilion (410 Hungerford Driver near Rockville town center, not the DC K Street one), which just opened yesterday, will be a place to watch. I was at their soft opening this past weekend and was underwhelmed; their sauces weren't as hot as joe's and the ingrediants didn't seem to mesh well, but they certainly have potential.

  • Tim Carman


    That's an excellent tip and insider info. Thanks for passing it along.


  • Dean Gold

    I ahve been twice now and it is quite outstanding foodwise for a place open for a few days. I have also been to Joe's and the main chef as far as I know is still there.

    Sichuan Pavillion has impressed with both firey hot and more mild dishes. It is a real player on the hot food sceen based on my experiences. I am going with a group Monday night to explore more of the menu!