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Birreria Paradiso and Jinx Proof to Host Three Floyds Beer Party

Jinx Proof

On Thursday, July 30, Birreria Paradiso and Georgetown tattoo house Jinx Proof will host a beer, pizza, and tattoo party to celebrate Jinx Proof, a new pilsner brewed by Three Floyds in honor of the ink shop. (If you've ever met their brewers, their passion for tattoos is readily apparent.)

The beer taps at 5 p.m., and there will be a limited amount of it. As promised on the flyer, there will be $5 beers, $12 "colorful 8" squid ink pies," and a charity raffle for a $300 Jinx Proof gift certificate so I can finally fill in my back tat of Guernica.

Three Floyds is one of America's best microbreweries, and its products are unavailable in D.C., save for the few weeks when Paradiso's Greg Jasgur flies to Chicago and brings back a U-Haul full of brew. They're burning through a truckload at Paradiso now (the Georgetown location), and the taps are changing regularly. If you swing by, tell us what's on tap via Twitter @beerspotter!


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