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Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Heritage India

One by one, we’re running through the 50 restaurants that made the cut on this year’s Young & Hungry Dining Guide. If you have visited the day’s featured restaurant, let us know what you think. If you’re planning to visit for the first time, tell us about your meal when you return.

I have such a love-hate relationship with this Glover Park institution. A while back, my wife had a serious, sudden afternoon jones for Heritage India. It was the kind of urge that reminded of the Randy Newman line: “You better get a burger or something in her right away. If you don’t, you’re gonna pay.” Well, when we arrived at the place a few minutes after 2 p.m., a good 25 minutes before Heritage’s lunch cutoff, they told us they were closed. The wife was crushed, and I had to adopt a tough-guy persona to get the staff to relent. On other visits, I’ve had to adopt thick skin, since the wait staff tends to treat you as if they have a hundred better things to do. It’s a good thing, then, that Heritage’s food forgives all sins. Its rich, fragrant curries, prepared with painstaking care to the art of Indian cooking, make all others seem anemic by comparison.

Heritage India, 2400 Wisconsin Ave. NW, (202) 333-3120

Photo courtesy of Heritage India

  • Saurabh

    I only go to the Dupont Heritage and have never had a problem with service or food quality. I think Heritage is hands down the best indian restaurant in the District. white tiger (union station) is 2nd but no where as good as heritage!

  • Indian Lover

    Heritage is enormously overrated. I live just a few short blocks away, but I make the trek to get decent Indian food from a number of other places instead.

    And Saurabh, you can say that its "hands down the best indian restaurant in the district" with a straight face? C'mon... Bombay Club, Rasika, maybe even Indique (on a good night) are all better.