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Your Last Beer on Earth: What Do the Pros Say?

As a follow up to our very own Beerspotter's conversation about top five desert island beers, we offer this account of what some craft-beer stars consider to be the finest beers on the planet. During this year's Lupulin Reunulin at RFD, a glorious night of drinking and mayhem where a handful of the most innovative American brewers bring out their best, the panelists were asked what they would choose as their last beer on Earth. Here's what they said.

Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River in California was the first to respond. Emphatically, he said his last beer would be an Orval, on draft at the brewery in Belgium.

Tomme Arthur of Port / Lost Abbey in California, after confirming that he would have a whole ten minutes left to live to enjoy the beer, said that he would choose one from Alpine Beer Company. He settled on Alpine's Pure Hoppiness.

Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head in Delaware without hesitation named Saison Dupont as his final beer. If you were expecting something more extreme, remember that every great brewer has their roots in the classics.

Adam Avery of Avery in Colorado, in true spelling-bee form, asked for the question to be repeated and then hemmed and hawed before finally naming Blind Pig IPA, a beer from Russian River.  The next panelist in line to respond, Rob Tod, quickly remarked that after such mad props, Adam and Vinnie would definitely be hooking up later that evening.

Rob Tod of Allagash in Maine whole-heartedly agreed with Vinnie Cilurzo that Orval was the best beer on Earth and would be his last if he had any say about it. This one should come as no surprise considering  Allagash's strong line-up of Belgian-style ales.

Bill Madden of Vintage 50 in Virginia said it would have to be a fresh cask ale and named Fuller's London Pride as "the one." We're not sure if it was the thought of a cask or a British bitter (probably both), but he got the best audience reaction for the choice.

After the panelists gave their responses, the question was opened up to the audience and several high-profilers offered their choices. Among them were Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River who picked Malheur Brut. Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada in California, considered by many to be the grandfather of craft brewing, reminisced about buying Spring beer for 69 cents a six-pack. As the first beer he ever had, he  said one of those would do.

Other members of the audience named such great beers as Port Pizza's Poor Man's IPA, Schlenkerla Urbock,  and Lost Abbey Angel Share. Tammy's would be any Kasteel, but she prefers the Bruin over the Trippel and the Rouge. Bruce's would be anything from Weltenburger Kloster, but the Asam-Bock is pretty flippin' awesome.

What would yours be?

  • Beth

    Chimay Grand Reserve

  • Orr Shtuhl

    Caveat: Fullers London Pride's "best audience reaction" might have just been me sitting next to the Lager Heads and drowning out the rest of the room. Definitely my choice as well.

  • Mel

    Bell's Two Hearted!

  • Ted

    Rogue Younger's Special Bitter.

    Great stuff guys - keep it up!

  • Der Stuhl

    Maredsous Dubbel 8

  • Clay Risen

    I had a bottle of Schneider Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse last night, and I'm still in the afterglow, so I'll go with that. But ask me again in a few days, and I'll probably say otherwise.

  • Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer

    Mel--I was surprised that Bell's Two Hearted wasn't mentioned by one of the panelists that night, actually. It has seemed popular among the beer celebs, including Beer Advocate co-founder Todd Alstrom. He told me he sought it out on tap while he was in DC for Savor. --T

  • Andrew WHite

    Samuel Adams Utopias

  • Charlie

    It would have to Coop Ale Works DNR, a great brew from Oklahoma City that you will soon hear about.

  • Rob

    Ha, my girlfriend is the one who submitted that question.

    Punchline: She wrote it down and showed it to me first, and I said "Nah, too corny. Don't ask that."

  • Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer

    Well, we're glad she did. It was definitely one of the high points of the night, and what helped get Ken Grossman on stage. So good work on her part!

  • Rob

    I agree. It was the highlight.

    So the point is, I stand corrected.

  • Jerry & Rebecca Freking

    We've decided that we would be happy simply to have a choice!

  • adsdad

    What about Samiclaus? Incredible!

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