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Young & Hungry Dining Guide Staff Picks: Momoyama

Tucked into a secluded corner just north of the Capitol, Washington’s best sushi joint boasts an appropriately monumental view. Momoyama’s chopstick-wielders look out upon a huge concrete slab supporting I-395. Crane your head to the right, and you can just make out the huge concrete slab supporting an off-ramp, too. In order to reach the obscure commuter pit, sushi-seekers must pick through an equally mind-numbing sight—a sidewalk spillover of Capitol Hill debauchery provided by neighboring happy-hour joints My Brother’s Place and Hamilton’s. Thankfully, Momoyama’s food compensates for the unsavory visual feast. The Miller Lite crowd rarely filters into the joint in search of post-binge tempura; instead, Momoyama rolls its succulent white tuna, sweet eel, and Korean bulgogi sushi creations for regulars and Capitol Hill tour groups gone astray. The Samurai Roll, a confluence of eel, white tuna, salmon, cucumber, and caviar, is enough to lift anyone above the concrete jungle outside.

Momoyama, 231 2nd St NW. (202) 737-0397

  • Michelle

    Somebody needs a nap. Or his meds. Maybe both.

  • Tim Carman


    Allow me to quote Jack: "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."

    Or here's the audio version, in case you can't read:

  • Capital Spice

    Damn you, Young & Hungry, for giving away all the hidden gems!

    We were looking for decent sushi on the Hill for a while before someone tipped us off to Momoyama. Even then, we had to do some searching to figure out exactly where it was.

    Since then, I doubt more than 2 weeks have gone by in a row when we haven't grabbed some carry-out for a light and easy weeknight dinner.

    With most of their business coming from the lunch crowd, those of us who enjoy Momoyama for dinner definitely luck out with short waits and great service.

    Thanks for giving away the big secret!