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Young & Hungry Dining Guide Staff Picks: Mr. Yogato

Right around early May, I need to start budgeting for frozen yogurt. I’m probably spending between $15 to $20 a week. And with cravings lasting through Indian summer, that’s like $350 in annual FroYo expenditures. I mostly blame Mr. Yogato. In the last year or so, D.C. has been inundated with new shops selling sweet-and-sour yogurt topped with fruits, nuts, granola, and other enhancements that make you think This is so healthy and delicious. I should eat this all the time. In Dupont Circle, there’s TangySweet and Sweetgreens. Up in Adams Morgan, there’s CaliYogurt. And while they’ll all satisfy, Mr. Yogato is the best. The flavors are wackier—marino’s mojito, del boca chazel (chocolate-hazelnut)—and the vibe’s more enticingly laid-back. It feels like the kind of place your friend’s brother opened up on a whim. At one table, you can even play an old Nintendo! I’m not the only regular at Yogato. Customers know the people behind the counters. There’s one explanation for this behavior: Visit 30 days in a row, and you get your name—first or last—into a flavor. I’m not attempting that, lest my soft-serve budget ratchet beyond its already ridiculous sum. But I will likely be eating the following soft-serve combinations in the coming months: plain with raspberries and coconut; del boca chazel with bananas, granola, and chocolate drizzle; any flavor with granola, strawberries, and honey.

Mr. Yogato, 1515 17th St. NW, (202) 629-3531

Photo courtesy of Mr. Yogato

  • typicalsquirrel

    Ranking of a recent yogofanato:
    1)tangy sweet-not too icy, not too creamy. The perfect middle ground.
    2)mr yogato-a little creamier but still good. The most lively and personable atmosphere of the choices.
    3)Sweet Greens- A little too sweet but by far the freshest toppings in the fruit category.
    4)Ice Berry (Georgetown 30/M)-Yogurt a little icier and charge by the topping as I remember.
    5)Greenberry's Coffee McClean-the best choice if in McClean, but taste a bit like regular yogurt compared the tangy variety.
    Have not tried caliyogurt.