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Vintage TV Beer Commercials

A friend forwarded a link this weekend to a classic beer commercial, which promptly started me on a 30-minute binge of vintage suds ads via You Tube. I thought I'd share some of the pain. First up: Hamm's.

PBR, before its ironic hipness:

Schlitz, with McLean Stevenson proving, once again, that he'll do anything for a buck:

Schaefer, for when you really want to get drunk:

Schlitz, your preferred disco-era suds:

Miller Lite, more disco era, complete with blatant racism:

Miller High Life, what every '50s-era hostess craves:

  • Kelly in the Big Blind

    I love the vintage beer commercials. More than I love the vintage beer.

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  • Kevin

    The Miller Lite disco man one is fake. The giveaway? COMIC SANS... released in 1994.

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  • billetheamoeba

    The Miller Lite 70's man is clearly home-made. At first I thought, why would a professional ad agency use Comic Sans? Then I thought, oh right, they wouldn't.

  • Ernie

    Where are the vintage rainier ad's? The running rainiers and the motorcycle ad's are far better than these..

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  • BJ

    Does anybody have a copy of the Schaefer Beer commercial where the "rookie" is made to sing the Schaefer jingle and he is a knockout? Nearly makes them all cry. Better than the Britain's Got Talent surprises.

  • Biz

    It is hard to believe that this was a sales booster some decades ago. It is believable that people used to take those commercials seriously.

  • sandy

    i was also looking for the "rookie on the barrel" Shaefer commercial with no luck!!!

  • keninsacto

    What about OLYMPIA. The Artiesians were cool.

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  • Vlad

    Haha i love with bear

  • colin

    you're forgetting some of the best from UC (maker of Saranac):

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  • Jenn

    Not only that(comic sans), but groovy is spelled wrong.

  • jocelyn

    what a great collection of ads!


    I added this post to my favorites <3 More of this plz

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  • Tom Farmer

    It was a beer commercial in the 60's. A man lived next door (reaching distance across an alley to a brewery). He was watching a ball game and gets up and uses a fishing pole with a hook and reaches across the alley into the window of the brewery next door and grabs a bottle of beer off the conveyor line. He opens it up and sits down to watch the ball game. I do not remember what kind of beer the commercial was but it had to be a classic. Would love to see it again......... thanks

  • Donna Sullivan


    I am searching for a vintage black and white TV commercial for a beer. It featured a talking dog and his owner. The owner told the bartender that his dog talked. Eventually he asked the dog a hard question about a president and the dog answered Calvin Coolidge?

    Can anyone tell me where to find a video of this ad and what the beer was?

    Donna Sullivan

  • sallykna

    this link is for sandy-rookie of the year clip on youtube

  • charlie catalano

    Hello, I have been looking for the Schaefer's beer commercial that myself and my jazz band were in filmed in New Orleans in the late 70s. We spent hours filming in a small club in the french quarter as well as on the steamboat Natchez. We were also on the Folgers commercial of the same era filmed at Arnauds restaurant and made to wear fake straw hats and red and white striped coats. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Charlie CAT Catalano and the Orig. New Orleans RIVERSIDE Jazz Band. NOLA USA

  • peterbiltit

    anyone here know how to boost a Cadillac Eldorado? I need to make a beer run for my old lady...