Young and Hungry

DijonGate Is a Right-Wing Form of Yellow Journalism

If you haven't heard already — and I really hope that you've been spared — Hannity, Ingraham, and other right-wing pit bulls have been attacking Obama for ordering his Ray's Hell Burger with spicy mustard, which they see as elitist or French or something so drastic that it'll mean the downfall of God and country. (MediaMatters has a decent breakdown of the right's nervous breakdown over spicy mustard.)

But, really, why stop there? Why not go after Obama and all those other tree-hugging liberals who like to eat their hamburgers on fermented bread, which was created around 1,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt? I mean, c'mon Hannity, don't you remember what those ancient Egyptians believed in? Math! Science! They probably didn't believe in Jesus either. Oh, wait, Jesus wasn't born yet. But still, they didn't believe in Jesus! No one should ever, ever eat their hamburger on a bun!

  • Steve Skojec

    Don't let these people fool you - I'm a paelocon (to the right of these three, I'd argue) - and I have no problem with Obama's choice of mustard. In fact, I'd do the same if it were available.

    For the record, I buy my Gray Poupon in the bulk two-pak from Costco. I put it on everything.

    Maybe it's emblematic of the growing red-state divide, but I don't think conservative populism has to embrace cheap beer, NASCAR, and slathering BBQ sauce on beef tenderloin.

    Worth paying attention to, if you don't already, are the Crunchy Cons - Rod Dreher's band of birkenstock-wearing, farmer's market shopping, organic garden growing, food snob conservatives.

    I'd count myself one of them, but my wife and I go further. We've begun making our own beer and wine. We bake bread pretty much every day (and are looking forward to trying out Samuel Fromartz's Baguette recipe), we've started experimenting with homemade cheeses, and we hope to add to this category of DIY gourmet pleasures.

    I'll attribute my aesthetic sensibilities largely to to my Catholicism - I'm a traditional Latin Masser too, with all the requisite smells and bells - but that's also where I derive my anti-abortion, pro-2nd amendment, pro-traditional marriage views.

    And by the way, I can't STAND Hannity. He doesn't speak for me.

  • A

    They're wrong and so are you. The real reason Obama and Biden were douchebags at Rays is they didn't bother to look at the menu at all. He barely knew what they sold or specialized in. No, he just breezed in and demanded a burger with mustard and fries -- what? You don't sell fries? It's amazing he didn't ask them to make some just for him. I'd have cheered if the cashier had told him to look at the menu to choose a burger that met his specifications instead of holding up the line with his elitist ignorence.

  • Carrie the Red

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'm glad that Obama didn't know exactly what was on Ray's menu. Call me crazy, but it seems like the Prez might have a FEW other things on his mind besides advance-checking the pressing national crisis of what toppings were going to be available for his burger.

    You know what's great about elitists like our Prez? If he were to ever stoop to hurling anonymous insults on the Web -- something he should definitely make time for ASAP, right after he's done memorizing restaurant menus -- he'd be savvy enough to spell "ignorance" correctly.

  • USpace

    The Left is just keeping this 'Mustard story' alive, the Right had a chuckle and moved on. There are many much more important things to criticize this administration about. The Left doesn't want people focusing on the big stuff, because that's where it's most dangerous to them. The Truth will bring them down, God willing.
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  • Jess

    The really amusing thing is that one of Obama's books he mentioned that back when he first got into politics he was trying to order a hamburger with dijon mustard and his advisors told him to stick to yellow mustard so not to see elitist. Heeeee.