Young and Hungry

The Pepsi Throwback Challenge

As part of Washington City Paper's food day, Will Mitchell and Erik Wemple pitted old Pepsi versus OLDER Pepsi, high fructose corn syrup versus cane sugar, Pepsi Throwback versus the same Pepsi Americans have been drinking with reckless abandon for decades. Here are the results:

  • Brian Reed

    Ah, yes -- I know that theme music. The old standby for when the moment is every moment of this documentary was.

    I miss you guys...sounds like Food Day was fun, delicious, and edifying.

  • Abi

    Again! Again!
    And what of Pepsi Raw (or Pepsi Natural as it's called here in the US)? What of this? I demand the opinion of an expert!

  • Matt

    Cool. But where did you buy it? I can't find it in the DC area!

  • Paul Fallavollita

    Just tried my first Pepsi Throwback today, sold at a vending machine at work, 20 oz. for $1. Good impression: smoother, less "thick."

  • Will Atwood Mitchell

    Seven Corners Shoppers Food Warehouse.

  • Patrick

    Harris Teeters have Pepsi Throwback in 12x12oz can packs and 20oz bottles at the register. Mountain Dew Throwback was MIA.

    Turn the bottles/cans gently (don't shake, obviously) upside down for a few seconds before opening them. I don't know why this works but it improves the taste. Perhaps it helps the sugar diffuse a bit better.

  • Patrick

    Also, it's not the taste which is the only concern here. Soda with sugar in lieu of HFCS is actually processed by the body as energy. Thus, there is a limit to how much your mind will physically allow you to drink it. HFCS is processed as an indigestible plant product, so your brain never gets the message that it might be a good idea to stop drinking it, which is why you can down something like a Big Gulp and usually the only thing that stops you from drinking is the actual fluid amount, not the contents of the fluid.

  • midwesterngal

    There IS a taste difference between the two versions of pepsi. You will notice it most when you drink pepsi throwback for a few days then try and go back to HFCS pepsi. Try that next time. It is quite remarkable. I cant drink regular pepsi anymore. Throwback tastes SO MUCH BETTER. Its like night and day now.