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Pepsi Throwback: Right Back Where We Started

A number of folks — some of whom don't even work for the Sugar Association — are getting all excited about Pepsi's eight-week trial run for two new soft drinks, Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, that will be produced with all-natural sugar, rather than with high-fructose corn syrup.

Soft drink manufacturers turned to high-fructose corn syrup in the mid-1980s when sugar prices started to spike, but lately consumers have rebelled against the corn-based sweetener when lab studies on rats tied it to obesity and diabetes.

The Sugar Association is hoping soft drinkers will buy Throwback bottles by the caseload, putting pressure on Pepsi to make these brands permanent. But as this site points out, there's still a lot of economic pressure for soda manufacturers to stick with the corn stuff.

At least until the government stops subsidizing corn.

  • Rob Smart

    The real issue isn't what type of sweeteners is being used, but how much HFCS or natural sugar is contained in each soda.

    Until the soft drink companies significantly reduce the amount of sweeteners, as well as the size of sodas offered, we won't be dealing with the serious health issues presented by soft drinks, e.g., obesity, diabetes.

  • Mabe

    Has anyone found Pepsi Throwback in the DC area? I can't find it anywhere.

  • Phil

    @ Mabe, I haven't found it yet (northern VA) and when I used the search feature on it said there were no stores within 50 miles of me that carried it.

    No idea how to get it at this point short of ebay which I'm not willing to do.

  • Allan

    WoW ! This stuff is delicious . I am 60 so I remember the real thing and this is for real. Its at super markets in a blue 12 pack cans. As a diabetic , a can of this only raised my blood sugar minimumly to 140. Corn syrup types of pop and my blood sugar spikes way over 200

  • Will Atwood Mitchell

    My brother picked some up at the Seven Corners Shoppers Food Warehouse, I think.

  • Scooter

    Drinking some right this moment... Foodlion has it. It smells great.... tastes super. If this is just a 6 week run them I'll buy a whole pallet that's fer sure...! To the Pepsi people thanks for bringing back the old logo also the new logo is so weird. Also Pepsi I've been on a soda boycott since I read about the danger of HFCS... to a big pat on the back. And a big smile on my sugur happy face.

  • Rich

    Rite Aid at Pentagon Row has the bottles, as does the pizza place in the food court at Pentagon City.

  • Patrick

    Harris Teeter has this, but not a tremendous amount. There were 12-packs of cans in the aisle and 20oz bottles in the cooler near the register.

    Unfortunately neither of the two I hit had MD Throwback.

    It's pretty obvious Pepsi wants this to fail - the 20oz bottle design isn't anything like the above, it blends in with the other sodas and doesn't scream, "try me, I'm different!"

    Here's a picture to help you know what you're looking for:

  • Barb

    I've been drinking the Pepsi Throwback for a few weeks now and ran out and ended up with the regular stuff made with the corn syrup----I couldn't believe how much better the Throwback tastes!! I am going to get a hold of much of the Throwback as I can while I still can. And to be quite frank--when the Throwback is gone I will not buy the corn syrup crap again!!! Please make the Throwback the NEW and improved Pepsi of the "TODAY STAY" and of the Future!!!! Only way to go!!! I think you are going to have a lot of unhappy PEPSI drinkers if you switch back to the corn syrup..

  • Doug M

    Tastes great (and see below for alternative real-sugar cola), but not thrilled about the way Pepsi handled the release.

    I saw the TV ads for weeks, but could never find the product in any local Los Angeles markets. I finally called PepsiCo, only to learn that (1), Throwback had only been shipped to a select few markets, and (2), that the product offer had ended two weeks earlier! ARRGH!

    PepsiCo did advise me that I could find Throwback at Albertsons Markets, and after some marathon frantic calling, I found the last eight 12-packs in southern California - ON SALE 4/$10!

    Definitely an improvement over the standard corn-syrup junk, but won't last long.

    I don't expect Throwback to come back any time in the forseeable future - BUT - there is another real-sugar cola available in some markets:

    Coca Cola has bottling plants in Mexico that still use the pre-"classic", real-cane-sugar formula, and Mexican Coca Cola is available in assorted Southern California markets - still in the classic tall 500 ml glass bottles. I can't speak for other regions, I expect it can be found in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, maybe elsewhere.

    DO NOT confuse this product with Spanish-language labelled American Coca Cola, which is same old junk.

  • midwesterngal

    Just FYI but Pepsi throwback is BACK along with Mountain Dew Throwback AND Dr Pepper Heritage. Started on 12-28-2009 and runs for 8 weeks. My local stores supply was exhausted in 2 days, its quite popular. People see it, they buy it. So I am waiting for the Pepsi delivery guy to drop of more. Pepsi did not advertise this very well, and I am kinda happy because my chances of finding it are better. Pepsi has an opportunity here to beat Coke to the punch and offer this up FULL TIME. I hope they take advantage of it. I buy Coke in Canada with sugar and I actually like the Pepsi with sugar better. I am hoarding now the expiration is Sept 2010! YAY!!! Pepsi WAKE UP! Offer this up to customers all the time!

  • Scott

    Is it real sugar from sugar cane or is it that GMO crap from sugar beets? I don't want to consume bacterial ribosomes that haven't been tested for safety.