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Food History Potpourri: Ralston Purina’s D.C. Roots

The once-powerful Ralston Purina, manufacturer of breakfast cereals, was swallowed up by Nestlé in 2001, but the company has ties to a turn-of-the-20th-century university professor in D.C. According to The Food Chronology, Ralston Purina...

gets its name as officials of the 8-year-old Robinson-Danforth Commission Co. at St. Louis make an arrangement with officials of the Ralston Health Club, a worldwide organization established by Washington D.C., university professor Albert Webster Edgerly, 50. He is sometimes called "Dr. Ralston," and his book Complete Life Building propounds simple rules and facts about common foods and promotes good nutrition,  urging readers to avoid heavy use of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Ralston Purina promotes its 3-year-old Purina breakfast food and introduces Ralston cereals that will compete with those of Quaker Oats, Post, and Kellogg.

  • Doddi

    when i see the red & white checker logo on things these days i see my mother in plane angoying!!! the time i spent with her @ cleveland clinic and waiting for a long time to see my father!!!! time was limited of when she could see him----and was told by staff she wasnt aloud to see him when it was her turn Cuz of the president of Purina and his family. My father was just as bad as he was at the time. To this day i still will not buy a product from them Cuz of that. How pour can that family be? happened in 1984-1985. As i read some of the motos from back then i just wonder how a company can say those things. TIME as PASTED and MY FATHER is no longer with us Pasted away in 1985. just need to get this off my chest to someone that may have cared. but the rich didnt back then all they cared about was thereselves. To bad thats what money does to people these day..... FATHER SADDLY MISSED by is daughter