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You’ll Never Guess the No. 6 Restaurant in America in Sales

Then again, maybe you will. It is, according to this year's Restaurants & Institutions Top 100 Independent Restaurants list, the same establishment that placed sixth last year—Old Ebbitt Grill.

You read right: Old Ebbitt Grill, the Clyde's Restaurant Group property with a history that dates back to 1856. The place serves politicians, generals, and tourists alike, with a menu that's everything you'd expect from the Clyde's Restaurant Group. (The oysters, however, are killer, and we mean that in the best way possible.)

In 2008, according to R&I, Old Ebbitt raked in $23.3 million, placing it behind such powerhouses as Tao Las Vegas and Tavern on the Green in New York City.  But what's more impressive is that Old Ebbitt pulled in that kind of cash with a dinner check average of only $24. Every other restaurant in the Top 10 had dinner check averages in the $60-plus range.

In other words, Old Ebbitt's cooks had to turn out a helluva lot of meals to earn those millions—800,000 meals to (semi)precise.

Interestingly enough, Old Ebbitt served exactly the same number of meals in 2007, at exactly the same dinner check average, according to the 2008 list. Either R&I has some lazy reporters or Old Ebbitt is one amazingly consistent restaurant.

By the way, the only other area eatery to make the list is Mike's American in Springfield. It landed at No. 71, with revenues of nearly $12 million. Mike's is part of the Great American Restaurants group.

Photo courtesy of Clyde's Restaurant Group

  • Michael Birchenall

    FYI in 2000, Phillip's Harborplace Baltimore was 12 (this year 52); Old Ebbitt 16; Sequoia 18; Red Sage 24; Phillips Flagship 47; America/Center Cafe 59; Mike's 87; Clyde's Reston 89; Carlyle Grand 94; Sweetwater Tavern 99

    Las Vegas in 2000 had 3 in top 100 and none higher than 33 ... this year 25 of the 100

    the restaurants send in the numbers, who needs reporters

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  • restaurant jobs providence

    Congratulations to Old Ebbitt Grill. I think it’s very old, they retain their dish and it is always on the top list of restaurant. It simply means that their original dish is good. Keep serving the best menu.

  • monkeyrotica

    Apart from the oysters, everything I've had at Ebbitt has been just meh.