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U.S. News’ Bedard Lists the Top 10 Restaurants to Spot Celebs

Paul Bedard over at U.S. News & World Report runs down the 10 restaurants where you're likely to spot what passes for celebrities in this town—lobbyists and legislators, in other words.  It's a handy list, I suppose, if you actually know what Bob Goodlatte looks like and care about where he dines.

Frankly, I've eaten out hundreds of times and have rarely spotted anyone famous, perhaps because my definition of famous run more along the West Coast/Hollywood axis than the East Coast/Wonk axis. Of course, it could be that I also don't have a table reserved at Cafe Milano, Bedard's No. 1 spot. Don't see that happening anytime soon either.

Bedard is promising more restaurant lists in the future, such as "the dives favored by Hill staffers, and where top federal officials huddle for after-dinner drinks..." I'm tingling in anticipation, but for now, check out his top star-magnet restaurants after the jump.

  1. Cafe Milano
  2. Charlie Palmer Steakhouse
  3. Bistro Bis
  4. The Palm
  5. Equinox
  6. Capital Grille
  7. Bourbon Steak
  8. Blue Duck Tavern
  9. Tosca
  10. Twigs

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Wonk-a-Vision

    Decent list, but he's missing a few key spots:

    1. Sonoma
    2. Johnny's Half Shell
    3. The Monocle
    4. Oceanaire
    5. Shelley's Back Room
    6. Bobby Van's
    7. Central Michel Richard
    8. The Source
    9. B. Smith's
    10. Art and Soul

    Shouldn't be too surprising, but the best places to spot Senators and Representatives are in close proximity to the Capitol - so they can get back from their dinners in time to cast votes.

  • Elizabeth

    First of all, how are all the celebs still going to Cafe Milano? I don't understand how it continues to stay on publicist's "it" restuarant lists. Do these same publicists still think Spago is a see and be seen place? Of course, Milano may be falling from grace. While other restaurants got Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen during the Inauguration, Cafe Milano was a veritable who's-who of 90s pop stars (Babyface? CHER??).

    I have seen DC-celebrities dining exactly twice in my 7+ years here and both times it was a the same restaurant (although 2 years apart): Sette Bello in Clarendon. Go figure. Oh, the celebs were Paul Begalo and then-Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. Very ho-hum.

  • Melissa