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Ritz Pastry Chef Jérôme Girardot Found Dead in Cameron Station Park

There's no good or delicate way to pass along such awful news, so forgive my straight-forward reportage on this: Jérôme Girardot, a respected pastry chef for the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the West End, was found dead on Monday in Ben Brenman Park in Cameron Station, just weeks after an earlier tragedy in the same neighborhood.

The state medical examiner in Fairfax has ruled the 32-year-old Girardot's death a suicide.

"He was a master of his trade, creative, quiet, refined and poised—all qualities that made him unique," wrote Elizabeth Mullins, Ritz general manager and area vice president, in an internal memo forwarded to Young & Hungry. "His dedication, patience and work ethic set him apart. Jerome built strong relationships with his teammates and encouraged everyone to achieve their highest potential. He will be sadly missed."

According to an old Ritz-Carlton bio, Girardot "was born in northeastern France and began his culinary career there at an early age." It continues:

He honed his pastry skills and began to specialize in chocolate while working and training in Aix-en-Provence in southern France. His artistry took him to St. Thomas where he spent two years as first cook and assistant pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas. Promoted to pastry chef, he relocated to The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City. In 2003, Chef Jérôme Girardot became pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.

In addition to desserts after a meal, guests and local residents may enjoy chef Girardot's chocolate confections during the annual Chocolate Decadence Buffet held in the Lobby Lounge throughout February and March. The popular event features more than forty different types of chocolate creations in dark, milk and white flavors, plus tempting chocolate beverages both hot and cold.

Former Ritz-Carlton publicist Dusty M. Lockhart remembers how Girardot used to say that, "Anything you can see or imagine I can create in chocolate." And he could, she says. He created D.C. monuments, Christmas trees, and even 50-inch-tall Easter eggs out of chocolate.

Girardot's talent caught the attention of the Post's Tom Sietsema during a recent re-review of the Westend Bistro by Eric Ripert, which is located inside the Ritz.

"As with the savories at Westend Bistro, desserts seduce the eyes," Sietsema wrote. "Created by Michael Laiskonis of Le Bernardin and executed by Jerome Girardot of the Ritz, the gems include carrot cake, treated to a fondant of goat cheese, and sweet potato tart, garnished with meringue buttons, in elegant pieces: jigsaw puzzles for the discerning sweet tooth. Frozen passion fruit mousse is gently sweet, lightly tart and wholly refreshing, thanks to the inclusion of a grapefruit sorbet laced with fresh rosemary."

Girardot "was very quiet, so he didn't go into the spotlight much," says Lockhart. "He was not about the spotlight. He was about the food."

  • Appalled

    Dear Tim, I'm really appalled that you would show so much disrespect for Jerome's wife and family, by "reporting" this tragedy and mentioning the cause of his death.

  • Equally Appalled

    Me too! Disgusting, how reporters insist on doing their jobs. It's a growing problem. Why, just recently I've heard on the so-called "news" that soldiers are still dying in Iraq, Roland Burris is being criticized, and John Updike is dead. Where is the respect for their families?!?

  • MZ

    Has information been falsely posted? There are many, many people who know Jerome who are shocked by this article; how certain are we this was a sucide? Other sources are confirming murder.

  • Tim Carman

    I hated reporting this news, which is nothing but sad for everyone involved. The information came from the police, which would have sent out a press release had this been a murder case.


    This terrible news has hit the highest point.

    We are close to you by the lack of thought they can not get to the funeral and send you all our affection.

    our family from FRANCE

  • Poor Taste

    This was just in poor taste. It does not, should not matter how this wonderfully talented friend, father, son, brother, love one died. The fact of the matter is, he is lost to us forever. We will never be able to understand the why of it no matter how it happened, so there was no real reason to report that insightful information at this time. Now his family will have to deal with these tough questions during a time when we all will be celebrating his life, not the absurd circumstances behind his death. By the way, you never once mentioned his family in your "article", it is obvious you were not thinking of anyone but yourself. He is survived by them. His gift and passion for pastry survives in them. You should issue an apology to his family, if for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

    We love you Chef! I will never forget you. We will fight for the honor of your memory.

  • Equally Appalled

    This was a perfectly respectful write-up that reported on the current facts and paid tribute to the life and work of a talented chef.

    What, exactly, should the writer apologize for? That he didn't do what all too many reporters are asked to after a death, namely, stick their mikes in the faces of the bereaved and ask them how they feel at that moment??

    Instead, he stuck to the facts and honored the chef's life and talent. This is sad news for everyone, but don't shoot the messenger.

  • COOK 2

    If you really respected this man there would be no such post. He was a brilliant chef, caring father and loving husband. This man wanted nothing more than to be with his family. How dare you come out and say it was a suicide. I knew this man, I knew his family. Never for one second would believe this article. You are a disgrace to journalism, this isn't reporting. This is hear-say. Next time you write something think about the other people involved and get your facts straight!!!

  • SeaPoInBeat

    Reporting what cops and M.E. say isn't hearsay. It's standard reporting.

  • Poor Taste be clear "equally appalled" I am not talking about "other reporters" or "other stories", I am talking about this one. If it is makes you sleep better at night to know that he has the approval of the people that know and love Jerome because he reported "the facts", it's going to be a long night. He should apologize for not reporting on the FACT that Jerome as a family. He should apologize for being insensitive to this gentleman's family during what is, obvious to the rest of us with feelings, an extremely difficult time. He should apologize for not giving Jerome's family a chance to mourn before having to defend his choices to the the world around them. Just to name a few. If he is such a great reporter/writer, then write an apology. It was wrong PERIOD!!!!

  • Respectful and In Mourningl

    I am writing this because I too, am a fellow Pastry Chef who was heartbroken to hear such tragic news. The article above might hurt the family if it isn't true- but if it is, then I do think it's important for others to know.
    As horrible and tragic as it is- he is not the first chef to allegedly take his own life. No one outside the industry realizes the pressures that all chefs have to deal with on a daily basis- not only at their restaurant, but trying to balance family along with it.
    Thanks to the food network and growing interest in "Chefs"- I think much of the general public has been mislead about what really goes into being a chef. Its been glamorized to the point of ridiculousness.
    Being a chef is your life- and I think more people need to recognize the hazards and downfalls of the profession before jumping into it. (Which has nothing to do with this particular case, but it could help others).
    In this case, a brilliant mind has been lost and all of the culinary world will mourn alongside his family for it. So sad..

  • Danny McCoy

    To all the folks who think it was in poor taste to report that this was a suicide, remember that this happened in a public place. If this had happened in a private home then of course it would be in poor taste. However, it was public, people could see him, and hence, the public has a right to know what happened. Better to put it to rest now instead of having people ask what happened all the time. That said, my sincere condolences to the Chef and his family.

  • RUSerious

    Folks, lets be real here. Tragedy, YES. Sad....extremely. Wrong for a REPORTER to REPORT on a public death whether it be by suicide or not? Insanity. People....the public, want to know....and have the right to know what is taking place in their community. It seems everyone is complaining about this man speaking on a story and word he got from authorities because this was a man with a family.....who is grieving from such a terrible loss. I bet NOT ONE person would be thinking of posting a comment if this was a transient or person of little interest.
    I feel you are in just as poor taste to berate a reporter for doing his job. Public place....public knowledge....even if it is so extremely sad.

  • Disappointed

    It's disappointing that in a time of a newly elected president, a tanking economy, being that we are a nation at war, you have to dig into someone's personal life to expose the fact that his passing was a suicide. How would you feel Tim, if this was your son, or brother, or father. It wouldn't be so, "matter of fact and a case of public record" now would it.

    If this is the type of story that you are focusing on, with so many global issues and world wide current events occurring, you might consider pursuing a new career.

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  • YAS

    The culinary team loved Chef Jerome.He exemplified dedication and professionalism all the time. We will miss him deeply. It saddens me to find out the details of his death in such a public and insensitive manner. I hope his family does not read this, EVER. Way to practice your first amendment rights.

  • Food for thought…

    Yes, it is the right of the people in the community to know what dangers do or do not exist in their neighborhoods. And yes the life a a chef is not all glamourous. It is really stressful. I don't dispute that. I am not concerned with the facts of the article, I am, however, disputing the timing. Due to the sensitive nature, the humane thing to do was to wait until after the families services before releasing information. It doesn't hurt to exercise some judgement every once in a while even if that means you don't get to break the story first. At least you could look his kids in the eye and be proud of what you have done.

    Just a little food for thought....



  • friend of the fallen

    There is an investigation going on and it's not up to misinformed reporters to be negligent with the information they pass along. There is a desire amoung his colleagues to know what happened, to calm our grief; but that desire doesn't need to be answered before the family has had time to process the information. I don't believe this is acurate representation of the truth. Any journalist has a moral obligation to report in an unbiased and non-sensational manner. What about this story compels anyone to call it fact?

  • Alexandrian

    as i live 200 ft from ben brenman park, I thank Tim for reporting this.

  • laurent lhuillier

    Timing is definitly of an essence in this sensitive issue.I have been looking for answers after learning of Jerome's passing.People from all over are on their way as I type this to pay their respect to jerome.It is to my opinion very ,truly...F.....@# unfair that this was published if in fact their is an investigation going on.I respect the fact of bringing out the news ,letting people like me know what happened.... However I hope you are really , relly right with the sources you used in order to publish this.Jerome was a collegue,a well respected one in the industry.
    was he ,to be my brother and I would find out that the sources are wrong and published on the web for anyone to see prior to let him go to rest,I would spend a lot of time making your paper become history!
    with this ,truth or not ,you are shatering many.

  • Best friend

    I can fairly say, that i was one of chef Jerome closest friend.
    first i would like to extend to deepest condoleances to his Family and friends and collegues and to tell them anger is not the solution.....
    this poor "reporter" is just doing what he is supposed to do and i have to admit that is doing it very poorly and without passion.

    I have much more trouble believing in the Suicide theory,
    i always heard about suicide like, hanging, pills,cut veines....but has of today never heard of someone stabbing himself "twice" in the chest.

    For some who would like to know, i was talking to chef Jerome on the daily basis.....because we were good about pastry, his kids, his passion for soccer......his dream of opening a shop

    so I don't believe on the suicide....that's all

    thank you and once again my deepest condoleances to his family ...

  • Equally Appalled

    OK, the reporter did not invent this story. All the quotes around "reporter" and such are just ridiculous. If there is, in fact, an ongoing investigation and there is no conclusive evidence yet, then the police and medical examiner should have passed that on to the reporter, and not told him the case had been ruled a suicide. "it’s not up to misinformed reporters to be negligent with the information they pass along"??? WTF? Where is the negligence in passing on specifically what was told to him by the authorities in the case??

    there is obviously a lot of pain being expressed here. i hope, as time passes, it will be expressed in more constructive and healing ways and not as these abusive attacks on a reporter whose job it is to cover the food industry. the anger and grief here is appropriate. its direction is not.

  • Fellow Alexandrian

    I cannot begin to imagine how this man's family must feel about this. My sincere condolences to his family and everyone who knew him.

  • saddened

    Even though this is a very sudden and devastating incident for his family,friends and staff, and I completely understand that emotions are running high surrounding this matter, I do not see what the reporter did that is so appalling...

    If the State Medical Examiner has indeed declared Jerome's death to be suicide, I am not sure why it is wrong to report that.

    Murder or suicide? Jerome's death remains a tragic and very sad event.

  • Foodie DCer in a Newsroom

    Tim, your writing and passion for food is clear to me on a daily basis, so please do not take these unfortunate responses to heart and keep the writing going.

    For the others who are in shock and dealing with strong emotions right now, I am sincerely sorry to hear of this loss and understand your anger. However, to question this reporter for doing his job is uncalled for.

    This post is a tasteful, balanced piece that reports the news and fully recognizes Jerome's phenomenal achievements and talent. You may be unhappy to hear that Tim included such details but it is all part of the bigger story here. If there were no details about the death in a public place then I and many Virginians would have some valid questions about what took place (is it safe in the park? was it murder? accident? etc).

    Should the details about his death be wrong I am sure Tim will post a follow-up, but for the time being he can only rely on the information his trusted sources gave. Taste or not this is a news story and this is how timely news pieces are written.

    And lastly, to followup on me earlier point, to question Tim's passion for food writing is a cheap and unnecessary shot (I am point to you Best Friend). I am sorry that you are in pain now but anyone who bothers to read this blog knows that Tim loves eating, loves exploring new food and loves sharing his finds with us. To slander that is unnecessary and I hope you find the class to apologize.

    Keep the food fight alive, Tim. Love your work.

    My wishes are with those touched by this tragedy. So sorry.

    Have a good day.

  • http://inmourning in mourning

    my respect and support to Tim Carman...I know he is always using reliable and true sources of info...this time again.
    This is a horrific tragedy and JEROME's friends and colleagues should now gather, honor this great young man for his achievement, talent and passion for pastry...
    It is not time to argue but it is time to respect his soul, celebrate his life and support his sadden family during this difficult time.

    Good bye JEROME, rest in peace

  • Concerned Party

    What is difficult in this time is that there is too much ambiguity in the details of the event. If you are going to report a suicide, please include the whole story, which would better portray why the "suicide" is controversial. I have no understanding of what happened and I do not see how reporting a suicide to neighbors would be helpful without any further information. What led them to determine it was a suicide? The puzzle pieces do not fit because the reporting is missing key details.

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  • mary

    1- Good article on this wonderful and accomplished man.
    2- Bad choice of facts. Even if it was ruled out a suicide, which is very strange since it is still under investigation, that fact could and should have been left out of this blog. Too soon
    3-Self stabbing is very rare, for many reasons I am not going to describe here. It would take a very long investigation to rule it out as a suicide because they would be first be investigating it as a murder. Which I am sure it was. That in itself takes a very long time and this just happened.
    4- As his friend above said, he had much to look forward to in life, ambitions, dreams and a beautiful family. That in itself also would tell you that it's too early to call it a suicide, it does not make sense.
    5- If this was a murder, we have to be aware that there is a nut job out there and we need to be careful and make others aware. Learn something from this. Anything can happen in the nicest neighborhoods. And you can expect more of this in nice communities because that is where criminals will target.
    6-I feel terribly for him and his family. I don't think I ever met him, but this was a very young man who came from so far and worked so hard to get to where he did. Why give up now.
    7- And lastly, yes, I hope we find an answer to what really happened, but in the meantime, pray for him and his family and always remember him just the way he would have wanted you to. For what I've heard and read here, his work will live on forever.

  • thankful for jerome

    to everyone out there who is so angry at this reporter. he was just doing his job. yes his timing was very poor however, it comes with the job title. i was very close to chef jerome and respected and admired him dearly. i am still suffering from this however i would also like to state that i have had people in my lives who have commited suicide and for that i can let jerome rest in peace if this is all true. it was harder for me to except that some stranger came into his life and took it away from him. him taking his own life, i can only respect his choice. he must not have seen anyother way out to feel free from his pain inside. yes i would have never thought he would do this however i would have never thought the others i knew would either. i have learned through my years that people that choose suicide will never show outsiders how they truely feel. so yes his timing was bad, and he did step into the lives of people who truely cared for chef jerome. trust me this is the last place i wanted to find out as well, seeing how the family has been so private about it. suicided of a loved one is so very personal not only to the one who has died but to everyone close to them as well. i would hope that if anything changes in the case that this reporter will continue doing their jobs and inform others that the information previously given is now wrong, not by his mistake, but by the medical examiner and detectives who are still investigating. i will miss our beloved chef dearly and he has changed my whole career and personal life. so i thank him for that.

  • Peace

    Hello All,

    Chef Jerome was a well respected man in The Ritz-Carlton Family and everyone who was had crossed his path. At this time the cause of death will not change anything. Be respectful of everyone who has been touched by this sad news.

    Chef you are greatly missed and you will never be forgotten by us.

  • http://yahoo larry 70

    I'm a pastry chef and meet Jerome couple of time,never and regret to take time to be close friend specially now,he was a great man,I will never beleive about suicide,i'm 100% positive that is not true,jerome have everything to be happy,family,house,friend,a passion for his job,so give me 1 reason but just 1 reason for him to finish his life,well you can look for it because it is no reasons and will never be,a man that stabb himself twice on a chest,when he just drop off his 2 kids at a day care before going to job,does it is a joke or what,the police tell you and you are so smart to beleive of it without knowing Jerome,how easy can it be anyone can wear gloves and make it look like a suicide and thats probably whats happen,don't you think it is more easy way to terminate your own life??anyway i really feel sorry for Jerome that someone can post this online,the police should first finish the investigation and the family should know first,what you just do here he's so sad for the rest of te world,can we today in 2009 trust the police or trust the journalist???well just think about!
    God bless jerome where ever he is and he's family as well!
    Anyway anything we can say will not restore the apologies that you should give to his family and peace!!

  • http://yahoo lolo

    I can't beleive about it! sorry
    i hope when the real true will came out you will feel a bit sorry for the family,friend,collegue and human being ,where do you get a news like that when the investigation is not done,thats so unfair for the family,i ope you are ready to give apologies to the family of Jerome,i will said shame on you,who ever said that you are doing your job in this blogs are so wrong about it,something happen to my family before and since i can't not beleive on journalist at all,and it is a fact of reality,you don't have any espect for human being dead or alive and i feel so sorry for you,i have couple of friend that suicide themself and trust me this have nothing to do with a suicide case,you must be blind to beleive of it,lets wait for the case to be close and wil see,we know that it is too many sick people out and we should loo and protect our back,sorry for you Jerome you really don't deserve to be treat like this shame on this blog,and Jerome please rest in peace for ever!

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  • Pissed Off

    So they said suicide, huh!

    It is so weird.

    There is much better way to kill yourself, than stabbing yourself in the heart in a Park during day light. Especially when you know, guns are legal in your house in DC. You can drug yourself or hang yourself to death at your house, it is painless.

    Hired hitman can kill you with a piano string or any kind of injection (which leaves no trace at all on a body).

    He could have been killed by anyone, for any reasons.

    Suicide is not it. Especially, other articles said he got "family-troubles", yeah, right, that's BS, this guy was French, don't make me believe he couldn't get an another woman and replace the one he had trouble with. That's no big deal.

    This man was socially active helping out homeless, it is not the profile of a suicidal personality, especially with all the success he had. No way!!

    It was easier to for him to have enemies, than Friend, that's for sure. Especially this days, you can't trust no one. No one is trustworthy!!

  • Food for thought…

    Btw....factually...Jerome was 31 yrs not 32 yrs old as reported by this factual article. He would be 32 in October of this year.

    Just the facts!!!

  • J

    People relax- suicide or not, this story is and will be all over the local news. Don't chastise Tim for being one of the first to report it. Its his job!

    If it was suicide, people need to know that. They need to realize its a serious problem that needs to be addressed and anyone can suffer from suicidal thoughts. Also, the folks in that neighborhood may rest easier that theres not a killer running around.

    To the above bloggers freaking out -Im sorry for your loss, but you need to take a breather and remember the good things about Jerome.

  • lolo

    This is for you J to respond of your comment,if the news will be in every local news how come it is only in the city paper,well it's mean that the investigation is not over because they really can't find the cause,J smart like you are are you going to drop your 2 kids at the day care and go to your car on a way to work and stabb yourself twice in a chest then someone is calling 911,and it is no witness at 9am in a morning,are you just insane or what?
    This area is a nice area and people don't want to hear any of this so if it is no proove about suicide and reason they will make them one story about it and thats what this journalist he is doing,if it was a suicide yes people need to know but first we need to know the reason an how its happen without any of this this investigation is not ready to be close or because they actually can't find any reason or cause they like to close it faster but it still under investigation,and please for god sick don't you think that the first to know should be the family instead a paparazzi journalist,and we are talking about city paper let's talk about washington post at list,and J you talking like you beleive this story do you have any details or reason to beleive about it???
    but it doesn't exist,its bad to see how people think this day and how imagination can drive them a bit confuse,you know how journalist work they hear something like he may be suicide himself and they run to a blogs and post it without respect to the family,J are you working for the city paper???well you will not tell me about,anyway Jerome please rest in peace no matter what people speak about in this blog we will remenber you for who you are,peace!
    And Tim instead telling people about this please give respect for the family,thank you and god bless Jerome.Amen!

  • respect his choice and let him rest in peace

    LOLO...why so much anger??? Your obvious lack of knowledge over the case does not give you the right to blame the reporter (who, by the way, is not a paparazzi!!!) for doing his job.
    At this point, the only one having too much imagination or being confused is you!!
    You need to be realistic and accept the truth. was not a murder
    YES...Chef Jerome chose to end his life, the family does know the cause of it and there are also police evidences verifying the facts.
    You are just not informed or poorly informed over the case...(number of stabbing, time).

    Tim has been respectful in his article, he did acknowlege the great talent of Chef Jerome, the amazing person he was...he just related the facts.

    Now,you need to control your fury and respect the truth, as difficult as it is.
    Be a man, respect Chef Jerome, this was his choice...
    Honour him, respect his memory and keep his work and his passion alive.

    ...It is difficult enough for all who knew Chef Jerome that they should have to read comments like yours...
    what a disgrace.

  • lolo

    Well i actually respect his choice and I do know all the details about it,but even if you think he did ,no one will never know,are you really work for this paper or not?
    I'm here actually as a man and have heard so much of non sense in this blog thats why i like to respond to you,the police evidence does not exist,everything look like a perfect suicide when it can be a perfect murder as well,who knows?
    I have all the details today of whats happen but like i say before it's still can be a perfect murder as well,and i still don't beleive and will never beleive no matter what you said or who you think you are with all my respect for you as well,if you trust the police and journalist well it is your choice i don't i do have real fact reasons for it,I'm not hungry at all,i just feel like I like to express myself as a freedom of speech so please let it be,exactly the way you do it!!isn't it!sorry to hear so much that doesn't make any sens,so who ever you are i do respect the way you think because you are a human but I and anybody else in this world have the freedom of speech like you like to speak as well!,but why i go after the journalist well because they should give respect to jerome and wait at least to release this after the funeral thats all or at least and let the family about it that only about respect,and by the way it is possible that we already know each other if you are real and know jerome like you say,like i said you free to beleive what ever you like but like anyone else in this blog you have the right to talk but you should respect anyone else in this blog as well,true or not true,if you beleive of the police evidence well it s good for you but not everyone have to beleive of it,I do know police,justice and journalist and yes i'm hungry at them for personal reason but only about true story life,my life!I don't have any hunger J I just express myself exactly the way you do,we just don't see the fact of evidence the same way and i think we should just respect each other for that,usa is the liberty of freedom,now if you tell people to accept what you said and they don't want to accept please just respect them as well the way you give respect to Jerome and his family,because you going after me but if you read all this blog well you talking to a lot of people as well that think like me,thats what we cal the worl of human,no one is the same and no one think the same and thanks god for it.
    And by the way i do know Jerome and give him all my respect no matter what he did or not,god bless jerome and his family,and i give you all my respect as well because like i said you free to think the way you like,but we do have the right to not beleiving about this terrible tragedy,thanks for reading and understanding our point as well because i'm not alone here,peace and love!!!!

  • lolo

    And by the way J jacque ,jhon who ever you are i give you my apologies because i did go after your writting with hunger because i disagree with you like a lot of people do as well and you did respond to it with hunger and i should not do that because it is your point of view and will respect it the same way that we all respect jerome and his family,we should not fight but bring peace in this world on in this blog as well,lol!
    God bless all of you what ever you think and who ever you are and please J accept my apologies,I did over react because we have 2 differente opinion,sorry for that,peace and love to all!

  • resoect his choice and let him rest in peace

    Lolo, You are right, a blog his for people to give their opinion and to discuss a subject...
    You have the right to express yourself and not accept what others say but you have no right to speak poorly to people or to speak rubbish about the facts.

    You said: "......J smart like you are are you going to drop your 2 kids at the day care and go to your car on a way to work and stabb yourself twice in a chest then someone is calling 911,and it is no witness at 9am in a morning,are you just insane or what?"......well, let me tell you that this is not the real should really really review your source before writing such inaccuracy, you are sending the wrong message.

    I am not sure you understand what an autopsy is and what kind of info we can get from would be very surprised.

    We obviously don't have the same source of info and i am certainly not basing my opinion on newspapers or on the "it is said..."

  • let people beleive or not and let Jerome rest in peace

    Listen to me Mr J,you tell me that i was piss off and full of hunger but it looks like i really piss you off and apologies already for it,i know i piss you off but like i said right now i'm giving you my apologies so thats enaugh now,well at that time I didn't have the right story but so do you,and like anyone talking in this blog thanks for the journalist,so please lets end up this right now,you look more piss than i'm at this moment so please but your hunger in your pocket and forget about and again accept my apologies,i have the right story like you have right now,but still not beleive of it and thats the end of the story,it looks like that you want to stay on this blog for ever because you will not take my apologies,i talk with so many of people that was so close to Jerome that are may be more close than you are,and they don't beleive about it no matter what autopsy or evidence people police talk about,letter,divorce 1 stabb and ect ect ,let people think what they want this will certainly not bring Jerome back so let him rest in peace at least and accept my apologies,if you read all this comment from the first one in this blog you will understand that i was taking my resource just reading the comment of another blogger because no one give us any details at that moment and that exactly what journalist like about it now i get all the details from close friend of Jerome like you have and I was friend with him as well but not as close as they are,and by the way they still not beleive about this like i do,some people like you will and thats ok,I respect it,no war just peace for Jerome at least,people have a differente opinion and lets start to respect it,we can go on and on between each other but does it will change anything,just because you want people to accept what you beleive,i 'm not telling you to accept what i beleive or not but it got a go both way,just let it be Mr J and please again accept my apologies and let Jerome rest in peace at least please,please!
    so please again let it be and let anyone in this blog think the way they want for the good of Jerome and his family,We can go evry day like this but now it is time to end up for Jerome not for you nd not for me But for jerome if you know him and give him a respect we have to stop even if you don't take my apologies,i don't knw how many time I said sorry here and you still coming back to me now so lets finish it,ets think a bit more spirituel like a buddhist point of view,peace for all and rest in peace,hope we are done with that thanks for your understanding!!!

  • peace for jerome

    J and Lolo this is not the time or the place for you to argue about who is right and wrong,J just take his apologies and thats the end,and lolo you start the all things going after J ,But J start to go too far as well by responding to you with such anger like you did it first so please make peace and be friend for the love of Jerome and Understand that J just didn't like it at all but lets turn a page,wel at this time it looks that s what want Lolo,but for god sick this not about you guys or girls this page is for the respect of jerome and both of you at this time you guys or girls don't give him any respect do you know that this news paper want people like you to argue about this and keep and writting on this blog thats endorsment for this web page don't you understand!Anyway lolo should never start to go after J for sure but he did say sorry a million time and he make his point of view as well as yours J so lets respect accept the fact that you guys disagree and that s all if both of you really respect Jerome give him this respect by stopping your argument in this page because this page is not about you anymore and because Jerome certainly doesn't deserve to have 2 people in this page that just give the newspaper what they really want( a longer story),let this page and blog close ,by coming back in this page you don't give respect to jerome so please both of you do so,and finally to conclud accept the fact that both of you are right to think the way you are thinking or the way anyone think about in this blog about what really happen to Jerome,but for god sick please end up this for the love and respect of Jerome,you guys going to far,thank you!

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  • кpoшкapoкcиc

    Как обычно просто мега обьёмная статья и как всегда дочитал до конца :)

  • Guillaume

    I have tasted this man's pastries on numerous occasions in Washington. He was a brilliant chocolatier. However, there is no "honor" in suicide. He had a family and 2 beautiful children. How dare he abandon those kids for his own selfish reasons. There can be no excuse, sorry. I will honor his talent, but not his character.