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This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

It's been a strange week for Young & Hungry. All you folks hiding behind computers seemed to prefer last week's postings over this week's. What's more, Mr. Y&H took one day off to follow the meandering ambitions of Joe Englert. So, with those disclaimers, here's the Top 5 of the week:

  1. I've Eaten Enough Shawarma Now to Realize I Don't Understand Shawarma
  2. More Details on Ray's the Steaks' Opening Night Smoke Out
  3. Smoked Brisket, Pork, and Sausage Available at...Wait for It...Whole Foods!
  4. 701: A Restaurant Week Experience That Didn't Feel Like One
  5. Women Are Seduced by Men Who Cook, The Reverse Not So Much
  • sypressdavis

    Dc is AKA Chocolate City and many foodies forget that our cuzins and spouses aren't interested in snails and undercooked beef. I had a phenomenal experience at 1789 in Georgetown but, it reminded me that their is a little known group of "regular diners" that are often ignored. Foodies often flock to the same places and we pat ourselves on the back when we experience new hot and acclaimed restaurants. However, what about the Southern cousins that want their steaks hockey pucked burned and don't eat veggies. Well, instead of being horrified, we can embrace them and show them the error of their ways.
    I judge any restaurant by the same criteria- ambaince, service and food.
    When my cousins come to visit, I want then to experience the best DC has to offer but it is hard to get tehm excited about beef not burned to a crisp. There are often menu offerings that they just dont get. What's a puree of cauliflower, why is the beef carpaccio, etc. We have to get over ourselves and get tothe business of eating good food. The staff of 1789 did not make my cousins feel bad about wanting the steaj- hockey puck burned and were so gracious when we showed up late. Everyone agreed the meal was great- and different- artichoke puree and hedgehog mushrooms were cool. At the end of the day we want to eat good-and we did. Maybe you need a sista to explain the amuse bush is like potted meat on a bread crunb in order for them to try it and like it. Great experience all around.