Young and Hungry

An Israeli Candy Bar for People Who Want Chocolate With a Pop

Housing Complex reporter Ruth Samuelson received a care package from her friend, former Washingtonian Erin Zimmer, who's now a New York-based blogger for Serious Eats. The package included an Israeli chocolate bar made with Pop Rocks, which is apparently the preferred snackage of all Brithrighters.

I never understood the Pop Rocks craze. It was all about sensation—and nothing about flavor. It always felt like I had a sleet storm in my mouth.  Why anyone would want to put these popping bastards into a candy bar is beyond me. If there's anything that'll ruin good chocolate, it's the sensation of eating it with a sleet storm in your mouth.

I'm just glad these bars aren't available stateside.

  • The Pumpernickel

    I tell you sir, the candy bars don't taste anything like the American candy. You should give em a try! And then maybe you'll be singing a different tune...

  • Tim Carman

    I tried 'em. It wasn't for me, I'm afraid. That fizzy exploding feeling lasted on my tongue well after the chocolate was gone.

  • The Pumpernickel

    Aw, well. We can't all be perfect :)

  • MLandrum

    Trust the improvisational and far-reaching genius of the Israeli mind to bring the universal dream of Pop Rocks-enhanced oral sex one step closer to its inevitable glorious fulfillment by incorporating the one necessary element for willingness on the part of the woman--chocolate!

    At last we can see the ceaseless struggle for world peace begin to bear fruit. It is now merely a matter of time.

  • Gorgos
  • Marilyn

    I lived overseas and grew up w/ pop rocks. I loved them. Even after I heard stories that they were found to choke people I still ate them. I was terrified I would keel over dead though. I'd like to taste this chocolate bar. It would probably be like a crunch bar on steroids.

  • tory hannum

    i love this chocolate my daddy buys a bunch when he goes to israel

  • Betty Kohl

    My husband brought a bar home and didn't tell me about the pop rocks. What a surprise!! The chocolate isn't bad either. I loved the chocolate enough to try to search for it on the Internet.

  • Rebecca Kline

    Does anyone know where you can get these? I have been searching and can't find them anywhere.

  • Jennifer
  • Jennifer

    I really liked the combination. I always did enjoy Pop rocks as a kid. The chocolate just makes it better.

  • alba

    dude fine that you don't like it but stop making such a drama.... ones like others not bug deal chill out a bit and shut up man. by the way even if they were available on the stateside you wouldn't buy them so... why do you care so much?

  • http://google carl muller

    where can i find this fine chocolate?