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So Where the Hell Can You Find Jamie Stachowski Charcuterie in This Town?

That was the question I put to the celebrated meat man when he called up out of the blue this afternoon, asking me what he should call his forthcoming charcuterie line. (For the record, I told him he should just name the stuff after himself, no matter how difficult "Stachowski" is to pronounce for people who spend all their damn time silently working a computer; the Eastern European surname would lend the meats instant credibility, at least for those who haven't already sampled Jamie Stachowski's sausage, pates, and cured products.)

But back to the question: The short answer is many places. You can find Stachowski's meats at the Kielbasa Factory in Rockville, the Lebanese Butcher and Restaurant in Falls Church, Enology Wine Bar on Wisconsin Avenue NW, Willow in Arlington, and even Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grill in Arlington, where the chef once worked until his surprising departure last year. In the near future, look for Stachowski's charcuterie at Ristorante Posto, Veritas Wine Bar near Dupont Circle, and at the Willard Room downtown.

  • Elizabeth

    Nice, I'm glad you're spreading the word. We tried some of his work over the holidays and it was great.

    Will Stachowski keep doing the parking lot sales? Everything tastes better off the back of a truck.

  • xcanuck

    Ditto what Elizabeth said. I dropped by his place before Christmas and snagged some bresaola, saucisson sec, and rabbit terrine. It made me VERY popular with the in-laws.

    The parking lot sales are a great idea - just give us more than a day's warning the next time! :=)

  • Lou

    Heading to the Kielbasa Factory today. Mmmmm.

  • chaofun

    I went to the Lebanese Butcher and Restaurant yesterday to get some, they thought I was a nut. Maybe its only in the restaurant?

  • Tim Carman

    Thanks for the report, Chaofun. Sorry you had a dry run at LB. I'll check with Stachowski and LB to see what's up with that.


  • Daniel

    I have consistently been able to buy his fresh kielbasa at the Kielbasa Factory in Rockville, but that is the only product of his that they are currently carrying.

    Oddly, there's no signage that the fresh kielbasas are his, so unless you ask, you wouldn't know it was different from the other homemade sausages they carry there! When I did ask, I had a very nice conversation with the folks there; they really were taken with Jamie and his products.

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  • Gary

    They're selling some products at Westover Market in Arlington - both cooked at the deli counter and packaged in the (very small) meat section.