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Ray’s the Net Is No More. It’s Now Ray’s: The Catch

That's at least what the mercurial Michael Landrum, owner of Ray's the Steaks, told readers last week when he guest hosted Grill Warren, food critic Warren Rojas' weekly chat for Northern Virginia magazine.

Question from "Aldie": When is Ray's the Net going to be up and running? Any chance a seafood paella might make the final cut or you keeping to just grilled fish?

Landrum's response: The actual name is now Ray's: The Catch, and we hope to have it up almost immediately after the move to 2300, hopefully no later than February 24th. Paella will not be on the opening menu, but it is the first in line to be featured as a special, or maybe second, now that I think about it.

And for those of you who really can't get enough Landrum, someone on Grill Warren asked the chef/owner when he'll stop dating strippers and find someone respectable.  The response was classic Landrum:

"I would never inflict myself on a woman who was not as insane or as degenerate as I am."

  • harry

    If this is Warren Rojas then i have one thing to say about this "hack" "wannabe reporter" who calls himself a food critic this guy is a clown who knows nothing of good food and knows less about doing research to get ready for a story. Silva's Patisserie a true bakery was passed by cause this clown is a Cenan devotee and cant stand to have his boy Cenan be tossed aside by a true "from scratch" bakery hey you we do it all in house we dont buy our cakes and we dont buy our breakfast pastry either frozen or from a mix and by the way that bread you so love he uses a sourdough mix from puratos from Lentz distributors and he calls it his own. Go learn about doing research. Harry.

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