Young and Hungry

Obama May Not Frequent D.C. Restaurants As Much As He’d Like

Associated Press writer Nancy Benac pours some cold water on the idea that Barack and Michelle Obama will be able to continue their regular Friday date nights now that they've entered the White House. The White House bubble, Benac reports, is historically hard to escape, even for notorious flirts like Bill Clinton.

Writes Benac:

Now that Obama is president, though, it will be hard to escape what's known as the White House bubble, with all its security strictures and complicated logistics.

When Obama walked the last leg of the inaugural parade route up Pennsylvania Avenue, it may have been the last stroll in public that he takes for a long time.

And even that reportedly called for bullet-resistant clothing.

"Most presidents, when they come to the office, they're determined to not get insulated, to not suffocate in the bubble," said Joe Lockhart, White House press secretary under former President Bill Clinton. "Over time, they always don't get to do as much outside the bubble as they want to."

  • Gary

    I always imagined a real foody president would find a way to eat in the kitchen without being seen. Or sneak it just after closing. I suppose takeout that is scurried away through the labyrinth of tunnels in D.C. would be OK too.